Christopher & Eric’s Favorites

November 24, 2014
  • Eric's Favorites ☞ Heart Shaped World by Chris Isaak
  • Eric's Favorites ☞ Numi Jasmine Pearls
  • Christopher's Favorites ☞ Provoked by Joanna Chambers
  • Eric's Favorites ☞ Finn by Jon Clinch
  • Eric's Favorites ☞ London Spy
  • Christopher's Favorites ☞ 2xist Men's No Show Briefs
  • Christopher's Favorites ☞ Elysium by Jo Blankenburg
  • Eric's Favorites ☞ Whiskey Rebellion by Liliana Hart
  • Eric's Favorites ☞ Adele 25
  • Christopher's Favorites ☞ Angels Fall by Nora Roberts
  • Eric's Favorites ☞ CK One
  • Eric's Favorites ☞ Caviar Server
  • Christopher's Favorites ☞ New Balance Men's M990V3 Running Shoe
  • Christopher's Favorites ☞ Nutella and Go!
  • Christopher's Favorites ☞ Stinger by Robert R. McCammon
  • Christopher's Favorites ☞ Kingsman: The Secret Service

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Christopher’s Favorites ☞ Levi’s Mens’ 501 Original Fit Jean

I've gone through some unfortunate fashion periods in my life, most of them during my younger days. I've worn jeans ...
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Christopher’s Favorites ☞ The Storm and The Darkness

I loved this book. I repeat. I loved this book! Yes, it's part of a larger series about two sprawling, ...
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Christopher’s Favorites ☞ Wheat Thins

What can you say about Wheat Thins that hasn't already been said? Look. They took high fructose corn syrup out ...
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Christopher’s Favorites ☞ Audiomachine, “Chronicles”

Do you want to walk to the gym feeling like a Viking warrior crossing the tundra, dragging the heads of ...
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Eric’s Favorites ☞ L’Occitane Creme Mains

I cannot live without my Creme Mains. I received my first tube of L’Occitane Creme Mains in a gift basket I got from TRL on ...
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Eric’s Favorites ☞ Linen Splash — Rose

Ideally, fresh sheets would magically appear on my bed every night, but until then, I love Linen Splash. In fact, even if I had a ...
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Eric’s Favorites ☞ Penny Dreadful

The most riveting, amazing new television show in years. I literally cried out when the first episode ended 'cause I wanted more. This is the ...
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Eric’s Favorites ☞ A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole

When I first read Confederacy of Dunces, I would only allow myself one chapter a day. I knew the author died at a young age, ...
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