Eric’s Favorites ☞ Panasonic KXTCA93 Clip on Headset

November 24, 2014


C-E-Favorites-SEAL-120x120Christopher and I can talk on the phone for hours before we realize how much time has passed. And though he’s my best friend, he’s not my only friend. I’m not one of those people who roams through the world talking on the mobile. They are useful, for sure, but when I’m out in the world I like to be out in the world. At home though, I love catching up with friends or rolling calls while I water the plants, cook dinner or soak in a bubble bath, and this headset allows me to do all of those things and more. Even holding for the next customer service representative doesn’t suck quite so much and I can easily type while I talk if needed. I know it’s old fashioned but I’ve tried lots of alternatives and this headset paired with my cordless landline makes hands-free conversation as clear and effortless as talking to someone in the room, and it doesn’t give me ear fatigue, head pinch or pass those radio waves through my brain, which is already plenty scrambled, thank you very much. I keep extras in the drawer because I literally wear them out every six to nine months and at this price I don’t really mind.

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