Christopher & Eric’s Favorites: Eat

March 30, 2015
  • Eric's Favorites ☞ Numi Jasmine Pearls
  • Eric's Favorites ☞ Walker's Mincemeat Tarts
  • Christopher's Favorites ☞ Nutella and Go!
  • Eric's Favorites ☞ Coffee Bean Direct Jasmine Tea, 1st grade, loose-tea-format, two-pound bag
  • Christopher's Favorites ☞ Earl Grey Crème from Teavana
  • Christopher's Favorites ☞ Newman's Own Salad Dressing, Olive Oil & Vinegar
  • Eric's Favorites ☞ Walden Farms Salad Dressing
  • Eric's Favorites ☞ Quest Bar — Cookie Dough
  • Christopher's Favorites ☞ Wheat Thins


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Christopher’s Favorites ☞ Nutella and Go!

If you ever been stuck somewhere awful like an airport terminal during a long flight delay or a high school ...
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Christopher’s Favorites ☞ Earl Grey Crème from Teavana

It's a strong pick me up with a dash of decadence, or as the product description puts it, an “infusion ...
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Christopher’s Favorites ☞ Newman’s Own Salad Dressing, Olive Oil & Vinegar

Delicious. I mean, honestly, what else do you need to say in a review about salad dressing? It does the ...
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Christopher’s Favorites ☞ Wheat Thins

What can you say about Wheat Thins that hasn't already been said? Look. They took high fructose corn syrup out ...
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Eric’s Favorites ☞ Numi Jasmine Pearls

My favorite tea is jasmine pearls. Now I love tea, and I love all kinds of tea and I’ve even recommended another kind of jasmine tea here in the favorites section of this site. But nothing tops the delicate taste, fragrant scent and enervating tranquility I get from a pot of jasmine pearls tea. I’m always open to trying new varieties of jasmine pearls, but for quality, consistency and value it’s hard to beat Numi’s One Pound Vacuum Sealed Pouch ...
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Eric’s Favorites ☞ Walker’s Mincemeat Tarts

Really, anything by Walker’s is on my list of favorites. But at the holiday, there is nothing better (except maybe my own Christmas Shortbread cookies!) than Walkers’s Mincemeat Tarts. For me the spicy taste of mincemeat (apple, currants, sultanas and candied citrus peels) wrapped in that buttery, rich and flakey Walker’s shortbread deliciousness makes for the perfect little holiday accent at a party or after a meal. Or you can just add a ribbon to a box of them and ...
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Eric’s Favorites ☞ Coffee Bean Direct Jasmine Tea, 1st grade, loose-tea-format, two-pound bag

Where would I be without my morning tea? I hit on Amazon’s subscription tea service a couple of years back and I never have to answer that question again. I can easily spend a fortune on tea – and I still do. I love Tevana and American Tea room for their amazing aromatic, delicious, specialty teas. But for my morning cuppa—good, dependable and strong enough to remind me why I got up in the first place—this stalwart staple keeps me ...
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Eric’s Favorites ☞ Walden Farms Salad Dressing

If I’m watching calories, I figure why waste them on salad dressing? Salad is so good for you but the dressing can turn it into a diet-buster. There are almost twice as many calories in two tablespoons of most of my favorite salad dressings as there are in two tablespoons of Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup. So — get this — two tablespoons of Walden Farms Salad Dressings – and there a ton of varieties – have 0 calories, 0 grms of ...
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Eric’s Favorites ☞ Quest Bar — Cookie Dough

With only 3g net carbs, 21g of protein and a taste just like buttery rich chocolate chip cookie dough, I’m not sure I need to say more about QuestBar Cookie Dough. I LOVE these. They are great for my diet and great in general. A cup of tea and a Quest Bar are the perfect meal when I'm on the go or stuck in front of the computer on deadline. And did I mention they actually taste like chocolate chip ...
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