Eric’s Favorites

March 30, 2015
  • Eric's Favorites ☞ A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole
  • Eric’s Favorites ☞ Penny Dreadful
  • Eric's Favorites ☞ Linen Splash — Rose
  • Eric's Favorites ☞ L'Occitane Creme Mains
  • Eric's Favorites ☞ Quest Bar — Cookie Dough
  • Eric's Favorites ☞ Moodfood
  • Eric's Favorites ☞ Blade Runner
  • Eric's Favorites ☞ It's A Wonderful Life
  • Eric's Favorites ☞ Gone With The Wind
  • Eric's Favorites ☞ Citizen Kane


Eric’s Favorites ☞ RoC Multi Correxion Lift Anti-Gravity Day Moisturizer SPF 30

I don’t wait for summer to put on my sunscreen, though it’s more important now than ever. I wear sunscreen ...
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Eric’s Favorites ☞ Amazon Fire

ERIC'S #1 FAVORITE FOR 2015 I touch a button, I speak the name of what it is I’d like to ...
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Eric’s Favorites ☞ Duffy “Rockferry”

Before Adele, and back when Amy was still around, Duffy offered up unexpectedly raw, intense vocals that caught and kept ...
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Eric’s Favorites ☞ Walden Farms Salad Dressing

If I’m watching calories, I figure why waste them on salad dressing? Salad is so good for you but the ...
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Eric’s Favorites ☞ Organic Tea Maker Cleaner

Christopher and I both have the Breville Tea Maker already featured on Christopher & Eric’s Favorites. We both love it ...
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Eric’s Favorites ☞ Persol Sunglasses

So far as I can tell the only downside to Persols is that they’ll ruin you for any other sunglasses ...
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Eric’s Favorites ☞ Never Eat Anything Bigger Than Your Head

Never Eat Anything Bigger than your Head has influenced me more than almost any other book I’ve ever read. I ...
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Eric’s Favorites ☞ Maurice

MAURICE remains the most romantic movie I have ever seen. The boat house scene takes my breath away. I won’t ...
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Eric’s Favorites ☞ Citizen Kane

Citizen Kane seems to me to be the Oresteia of American Cinema. Presented ritualistically since its release, it is the ...
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Eric’s Favorites ☞ Gone With The Wind

Well, what can I say? I just can’t help myself. When I was a school aged child growing up in ...
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