Christopher’s Favorites ☞ Audiomachine, “Chronicles”

March 6, 2015


C-E-Favorites-SEAL-120x120Do you want to walk to the gym feeling like a Viking warrior crossing the tundra, dragging the heads of your enemies behind you on a bloody rope? Do you want your trip to the grocery story to feel like you’re transporting a scroll inside your trunk that has the power to unleash hell on earth? Or maybe you’d like to wake up to a piece of music that makes you feel like an archangel gently parting clouds with your bare hands so you can gaze down on the earth below? These experiences are available to you once you download the music of AUDIOMACHINE. Their album, ‘Chronicles’, is one of my particular favorites. (I listened to several of its tracks on repeat while writing my novel THE HEAVENS RISE.) If you’re someone who likes movie trailers more than movies, if you’re someone who gets goosebumps when the music swells and throbs and explodes during a high-speed montage of action sequences to come, then AUDIOMACHINE is for you. There’s a lot of “trailer music” for sale on the Internet these days and most if it sounds overly synthesized and canned. Every track from AUDIOMACHINE, on the other hand, creates the grand, sweeping feel of a full orchestra – a full orchestra perched on the edge of a stormy sea while gargantuan Gods do battle in the background.

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