Christopher’s Favorites ☞ Wheat Thins

March 6, 2015

crf-wheatthinsC-E-Favorites-SEAL-120x120What can you say about Wheat Thins that hasn’t already been said? Look. They took high fructose corn syrup out of them, OK? And it’s not like I eat them everyday. I only eat them when I have feelings I can’t control. Nothing comes close to matching their mix of sweetness and saltiness. Their special brand of crunch makes it easier to withstand breakups, professional disappointments and a general fear of death. They are Wheat Thins, passports to serenity and contentment. And there are plenty of things in the world that make you fat, like sitting still, so why should Wheat Thins bear the brunt of our nutritional ire? Honestly. Why?

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