Ep. 119 — JACKIE COLLINS (‘The Santangelos’) Returns

June 28, 2015

Bestselling author and raconteur Jackie Collins returns to discuss “The Santangelos,” featuring her iconic heroine Lucky Santangelo, and responds to listener questions and comments. Plus, Christopher and Eric discuss the cancellation of NBC’s “Hannibal” and their summer hiatus plans and celebrate the Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage.


You have to have a passion for something. You have to work for it.

Jackie Collins

The Dinner Party Show Podcast — Ep. 119: Jackie Collins Interview Transcript

{This transcript is the Jackie Collins interview portion of Episode 119}
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Announcer: You are listening to The Dinner Party Show with Christopher Rice and Eric Shaw Quinn. And now it’s time for the Dish.

Christopher Rice: Welcome back to the —

Announcer: We hope you kept your silverware…

Christopher Rice: Oh I jumped the promo on my own show! I think I’ve only done that once before.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Skip will be so hurt.

Christopher Rice: Skip is gonna be so hurt. Welcome back to the Dinner Party Show. I’m Christopher Rice.

Eric Shaw Quinn: And I’m Eric Shaw Quinn. Jackie’s back, Jackie’s back!

Jackie Collins: Good job that wasn’t sex when you jumped the gun. Yeah, baby.

Christopher Rice: I jumped the promo!

Jackie Collins: Not good!

Christopher Rice: Jumpin’ the promo with Jackie Collins.

Jackie Collins: Great to be back with you guys.

Christopher Rice: It’s great to have you back.

Eric Shaw Quinn: It’s so good to have you.

Jackie Collins: I know.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Aren’t you exhausted to, you’ve been out promoting your new book, The Santangelos is out.

Jackie Collins: I’ve been everywhere, everywhere. But I came here for the sandwiches and for you guys too.

Eric Shaw Quinn: That’s so great. Bobby our caterer will —

Christopher Rice: Bobby Lee of Tiny Kitchen will be so thrilled.

Eric Shaw Quinn: So touched.

Jackie Collins: Well, they’re so good.

Christopher Rice: They’re very good.

Jackie Collins: Really great.

Eric Shaw Quinn: And then there’s cookies for dessert.

Jackie Collins: Oh, you made the cookies.

Eric Shaw Quinn: I made the cookies.

Jackie Collins: I know you did, Eric.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Yes I did.

Jackie Collins: Last time I was here, I tweeted about it.

Christopher Rice: You tweeted about them. And we all went crazy.

Eric Shaw Quinn: So honored. They’ve actually, some of the, we gave some away at a live remote and one of the fans of the show started a website called Eric’s Cookies are, it has its own Facebook page.

Christopher Rice: I didn’t know this.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Eric’s cookies.

Jackie Collins: Oh my God.

Eric Shaw Quinn: They’ve begun promoting the, the cookies themselves I think they’re trying to convince me to,

Jackie Collins: What do they do on this website?

Eric Shaw Quinn: to begin marketing the cookies or so something.

Jackie Collins: What else goes on there?

I think it’s just people talking about cookies.

Christopher Rice: That’s what you think, because that’s the website you see, but under the surface there’s a

lot more going on.

Jackie Collins: Eric’s cookies. I mean, not so sure what they’ll be saying on that. Yes, we have to be very


Eric Shaw Quinn: So we tempted Jackie away from her international book tour with sandwiches and cookies.

Christopher Rice: Indeed. Yes, indeed.

Eric Shaw Quinn: But they’re really good sandwiches and cookies.

Jackie Collins: They’re really good. They’re really good.

Christopher Rice: And we just found out you have your own podcast now.

Jackie Collins: I do.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Did we inspire you?

Jackie Collins: You did inspire me, yes.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Oh, that’s great.

Jackie Collins: And what I like about it is the fact that it’s free. Yes. And you know, anybody can listen to it on iTunes.

Eric Shaw Quinn: And you have that beautiful website, jackiecollins.com anyway, so,

Jackie Collins: And Instagram, of course.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Absolutely.

Jackie Collins: Which I love JackieJCollins on Instagram and Twitter.

Christopher Rice: Yes. And you’re on Facebook as well.

Jackie Collins: Fan Facebook.

Eric Shaw Quinn: You’re the complete brand. Jackie Collins fabulous author and brand.

Christopher Rice: Yeah, exactly.

Jackie Collins: Well, you know, the nice thing is I can talk to the people who read my books, right? And they’re all starting to read The Santangelos, and they’re coming to me with their comments.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Are they upset?. I hear somebody passes away…

Jackie Collins: Somebody dies.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Is everybody furious?

Jackie Collins: We can’t say who it is.

Eric Shaw Quinn: No spoilers.

Jackie Collins: But they’re all saying to me, can we have another Lucky book soon? Oh, now, like I’ve written nine books about Lucky Santangelo.

Nine books. Too many series, right? I don’t know. Yes. Maybe I’ll bring back Bobby Santangelo. Stanalapoulus. Oh, the gorgeous son.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Is Bobby gay? I couldn’t quite…

Jackie Collins: No, Bobby is straight. He’s very straight.

Eric Shaw Quinn: It was Dario…

Jackie Collins: Dario was gay. That was Lucky’s brother. And in Confessions of a Wild Child, I showed how protective she was of him, the, and that she looked after him, you know, know she had this gangster father and he would not be pleased. So she had to protect Dario. But unfortunately Dario got murdered and so did her mother, and so did her fiancé. She had to take revenge.

Christopher Rice: Of course.

Jackie Collins: Cause I like a woman that takes revenge.

Eric Shaw Quinn: And revenge is so much fun.

Jackie Collins: Oh, yes, yes.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Such a great plot point.

Christopher Rice: It’s fun when Jackie Collins is doing that.

Jackie Collins: Well, she got away with it too.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Not if somebody’s trying to take revenge on me. That would be horrible. Yeah.

Jackie Collins: Because Lucky can do anything she wants to do. And does.

Eric Shaw Quinn: She’s a powerful woman. She, she’s not just cook. What was it you said the last time you were on the show? You said the choice was between cooking…

Jackie Collins: Oh, cooking and sex!

Eric Shaw Quinn: And cooking and sex.

I was like, oh, that was so brilliant. And you were like, I’m gonna, I’m gonna write a different book about a different kind of woman who’s maybe got some more options than cooking or sex.

Jackie Collins: Oh, I have to tell you, uh, about a funny story. That, um, a friend of mine was not on Grindr. I thought you would appreciate this story. I haven’t told it anywhere else and I thought you would like it.

Christopher Rice: Another Jackie Collins Grindr story!

Eric Shaw Quinn: An original!

Christopher Rice: This is gonna be great.

Jackie Collins: A friend of mine was not on Grindr. Oh. So we’re having, we’re having a dinner right. With a, another friend of mine, a female friend from New York. So the two of us are sitting there and we ask our gay friend, are you on Grindr? And he says, no. And he wasn’t with anybody at the time, so we said, we’re gonna put you on Grindr. So we grab his phone, we put him on Grindr. Right. He’s very excited by this. And he starts looking at pictures.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Oh well I’m glad he’s pleased.

Jackie Collins: And he sees this picture of this great looking guy, fabulous.

And the guy says, I’m 200 yards away. And I go, well you have to follow this up. You can, you know, leave dinner and go find him and have a fantastic time. Uhhuh . So my friend from New York says to me, let me see the picture. So I pass her the picture and she goes, oh my God, it’s my driver. He’s waiting outside.

Christopher Rice: That’s fantastic. See, you just never know with those apps, know you just never know.

Jackie Collins: Have you been on it?

Eric Shaw Quinn: There was one that I, I went on one of the sites. Um, I think it’s called Adam for Adam.

Christopher Rice: Yes.

Eric Shaw Quinn: It, it, it, it locates where people are in vicinity and I just went to see who in the neighborhood was, you know, doing, and there was naked pictures of this man in the laundry room at my building.

Jackie Collins: Oh my goodness.

Christopher Rice: Yeah.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Wow. He’s like, yeah. Showing it all off. Wow. Downstairs in the laundry room. I thought that was, that’s my favorite.

Jackie Collins: But I think Wiener started all that, don’t you, dick pics?

Christopher Rice: Oh yeah.

Jackie Collins: Yes. And there’s a new flasher in town because my godfather . No, seriously.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Just the one?

Jackie Collins: No, there’s a lot of them.

Eric Shaw Quinn: I would figure, this is Hollywood.

Jackie Collins: My goddaughter came out of her apartment one day and this guy was standing in a very nice suit, all like dressed up and everything, and he had his phone and he’s frowning and she says, can I help you? And he goes, uh, yeah. Could you just take a look at my phone for a minute? Something’s wrong with it. And he hands her the phone and there is this huge picture of his dick.

Christopher Rice: Oh, I see. Right. This is, it’s the new flashing.

Eric Shaw Quinn: High tech flash flashing.

Jackie Collins: Yeah, that’s, it’s all the rage now.

Eric Shaw Quinn: It’s all the rage.

Christopher Rice: For the 21st century. I am not on Grindr. I have Grindr on my phone. I have a black square. That’s my profile because I live close to a gym. So I just like to look and see who’s at the gym.

Jackie Collins: Oh my goodness.

Christopher Rice: I but I don’t engage with anyone. And I have to tell you, I’m not always very impressed.

I, you know, you’re not. No, well, it’s, it’s very hard to judge some. You need chemistry.

You can be in presence of somebody.

Jackie Collins: Yeah. I mean, you need to go to a bar.

Christopher Rice: Yeah. I’m not, I’m not a Puritan. I, I’m all for one night stands and having a good time. But I, I don’t find that the connections made in the cyber world usually pan out into much.

Jackie Collins: Well, you, you don’t wanna do it anyway if you’re in a relationship.

Christopher Rice: No, I’m not in a relationship.

Jackie Collins: Oh. Oh, then yeah. Get on Grindr. . .

Christopher Rice: Jackie breaks it down. Jackie breaks it down. Well, we have party line messages for you.

Jackie Collins: Oh, good

Eric Shaw Quinn: They’re recorded.

Christopher Rice: And I don’t believe this person left her name, but I think she’s a friend of the show and her name is Jillian.

Jillian: Hi Christopher and Eric, my question tonight for Jackie is if she could date one of her characters, who would it be? Have a great show!

Jackie Collins: Oh, that’s a great question.

Eric Shaw Quinn: What a great question.

Jackie Collins: And I don’t even have to think about it because of course I’d wanna be Lucky Santangelo because I would love to be her in another life.

Eric Shaw Quinn: But who would you date?

Christopher Rice: Who would you date? That’s the question. Which character of yours would you date?

Jackie Collins: Oh, probably Jack Python from Hollywood Husbands. Yeah, because I might have told you this before, but a lot of, uh, readers say to me, how come your men are always so well endowed? And I go because I have a choice.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Because it’s my book.

Jackie Collins: Yeah. Actually, yeah. Jack Python is, is kind of cool.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Yeah. I think that name is really telling.

Christopher Rice: I think so. Yes.

Jackie Collins: Yes, it is, isn’t it? Yes.

Eric Shaw Quinn: If you get to pick, why wouldn’t you want, if do, would you like the whole cake or just a tiny piece?

Christopher Rice: Like it’s my, my world. It’s, it’s my world.

Jackie Collins: I can create whatever I want and whoever I want, and I love doing that.

Christopher Rice: Absolutely.

Jackie Collins: Yes.

Eric Shaw Quinn: The best part of writing.

Jackie Collins: Exactly.

Eric Shaw Quinn: The world you wanna live in.

Christopher Rice: Absolutely.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Well, thank you, Jillian.

Christopher Rice: Thank you, Jillian. I think this question is from Jennifer Armentrout, who’s actually a Dark Nights author who will be on the show in the fall.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Oh,

Christopher Rice: good.

But tonight she has a question for Jackie.

Jackie Collins: Great.

Jennifer Armentrout: Hi, this is Jennifer L. Armentrout, and this message is for Miss Jackie Collins. And what is your favorite theme to write about? Thanks.

Jackie Collins: Ooh, my favorite theme to write about is rags to riches. I love taking a character, like in a book I wrote called American Star, I took Nick Angel from a little town in America and he rose to become like a Brad Pitt character. And I love to show that journey and what you have to go through on that journey. Just think Marilyn Monroe, what people go through on that journey.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Well, and I think it’s so aspirational for people.

Jackie Collins: Yes.

Eric Shaw Quinn: You get to go along on the ride and be a big star or success with the character.

Jackie Collins: Exactly. Because everybody has a background.

I mean, we look around today and we see all these huge stars. They’ve all got there somehow or other. They’ve all had that role.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Yeah. They did a list recently of all of these big stars who used to work at McDonald’s, and I thought, how great is that? It was like Rachel McAdams used to work at McDonald’s.

You know, it’s like all of these really big stars.

Jackie Collins: Yeah. You never know.

Eric Shaw Quinn: People start where they start and they, you land where you land. Yeah. But I think that really does make it, it seem possible. I, I’m always sort of TV shows and books that are about people saying, I just want an ordinary life. I always think nobody wants that.

The lottery wouldn’t exist if people just wanted an ordinary life.

Jackie Collins: Well, the trouble is the world we live in now. When you ask a girl, a young girl what she wants to be, she just looks at you blankly and goes famous. Yeah. There’s so many people. Yeah. That’s not good. That’s not good. You, you have to have a passion for something. You have to work for it.

Christopher Rice: But famous used to mean a different thing. You couldn’t just go on Twitter and be famous. I mean, you had to sort of go out in the world and, and, and make it and, and get some grit on you and get, you know, actually do something.

Jackie Collins: Some people are getting on YouTube and Twitter.

Christopher Rice: That’s very true.

Jackie Collins: And becoming famous.

Christopher Rice: That’s very true.

Jackie Collins: Very famous.

Christopher Rice: And they have something. I think the best ones are like Justin Bieber, where they have something else to do. Yes. They have something to bring out into the world.

Jackie Collins: I’m a big Bieber fan. Yeah. I love his voice I think, I think his music. Music he records. Yeah. But I love his music. I think his music is great.

Christopher Rice: Yeah. Very sexy.

Eric Shaw Quinn: But there actually is a reason he became very famous, but he actually has real talent and did work toward,

Christopher Rice: Did you see the Saturday Night Live skit he did with Tina Fey, where she was his high school teacher and he kept singing to her and the class would stop and she would get more and more upset and have to fan herself.

Jackie Collins: That was so funny.

That was brilliant. Yeah, he has a great sense of humor about himself now. I mean, of course he went through that bad phase, being in a bucket and all of that —

Eric Shaw Quinn: Being 19,

Jackie Collins: But he was a kid. Yeah.

Christopher Rice: As an expert on celebrity which I think is safe to say you are, how much of that do you think was staged for a certain audience?

Or how much of that do you think was actual puberty?

Jackie Collins: I think it was. Puberty.

Christopher Rice: Really?

Jackie Collins: I don’t think it was staged. I think he’d suddenly thought, oh, I’m making all this money. I can have any girl I want. I can do what I want. I can do whatever I want. Right. Do you remember when you were 18, 19?

Christopher Rice: Yes, I do. I was not about girls, but yes, I do remember.

Jackie Collins: Yes. Well, you could have any boy you wanted . Because you are so handsome.

Eric Shaw Quinn: It was a minute.

Christopher Rice: I’m blushing Jackie Collins making me blush.

Eric Shaw Quinn: That’s pretty cool.

Christopher Rice: That’s pretty cool. Pretty cool. Well, you know, it’s interesting you were talking about the rags to riches things and, and where celebrities come from. One of the, the things that I thought was sort of odd about the first movie, Magic Mike, I haven’t seen the second one, it’s not out yet, I think it comes out this week actually, was that Channing Tatum actually started dancing, uh, as a male dancer in Florida. But the end of that movie was sort of, The message was, being a male dancer is really limiting and it’s bad for you. And I’m like, but wait a minute. He became Channing Tatum.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Right.

Jackie Collins: Exactly.

Christopher Rice: That’s the end of his movie.

Jackie Collins: Exactly.

I’m looking forward really to, I’m looking forward to seeing the new one.

Christopher Rice: I am too.

Jackie Collins: Yes, absolutely.

Eric Shaw Quinn: I’ve enjoyed just the promotions so far.

Jackie Collins: I have too.

Eric Shaw Quinn: They actually rode in the Pride Parade here in West Hollywood.

Jackie Collins: Oh, they did? How fun that must been.

Eric Shaw Quinn: They were on a float.

Christopher Rice: However, they wore shirts,

Eric Shaw Quinn: Channing ripped his pants.

Jackie Collins: Oh, he did?

Eric Shaw Quinn: Channing was dancing and ripped his pants. It was quite the hit.

Christopher Rice: However, they did wear short, uh, shirts. Excuse me. And I consider that an anti-gay hate crime that they were shirted during the parade.

Jackie Collins: Oh, right. Yes. It should have been a woman there who peeled them off.

Christopher Rice: Exactly.

Jackie Collins: Because that’s one of the things I write about on one of my podcasts is what have happened to, um, foreplay.

Christopher Rice: Oh yeah.

Jackie Collins: Because all we see now is we see a couple get together, they look into each other’s eyes the next thing they’re in a bedroom and she is ripping his shirt off. Right?

Christopher Rice: Right.

Jackie Collins: And then the next scene is they’re in bed.

Eric Shaw Quinn: And they always do that thing where they smash into the wall and knock all of the stuff off the, the china, the desk…

Jackie Collins: The desk, yes.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Oh, for heaven’s sake.

Jackie Collins: I know.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Just take your time. Enjoy it.

Jackie Collins: Take your time.

Eric Shaw Quinn: What’s your rush?

Jackie Collins: What was that old Pointer Sisters song? Slow hands .


Eric Shaw Quinn: It sounds so dirty when you say it, Miss Collins.

Christopher Rice: It sounds good and dirty.

Jackie Collins: Yes.

Eric Shaw Quinn: In a good way.

Christopher Rice: Yeah. Excellent. Excellent, excellent. Okay, I think we have one more time for more, I think. Do we have, how many more? How much more time do we have? We have one minute. So we’re gonna take a short break here and then we’ll be back with more with Jackie Collins. And questions for Jackie from our party line.

Jackie Collins: That was fun.

Announcer: You are listening to The Dinner Party Show with Christopher Rice and Eric Shaw Quinn, where dessert is the most important meal of the day.

Christopher Rice: Welcome back to the Dinner Party Show. I’m Christopher Rice.

Eric Shaw Quinn: And I’m Eric Shaw Quinn

Christopher Rice: And Jackie Collins is still with us here at the Dinner Party Show. Jackie Collins,

Jackie Collins: And I’m eating sandwiches and having a lot of fun.

Eric Shaw Quinn: We’re having quite the Tea party.

Jackie Collins: Yes, a tea party. I’ve now got a cup of tea.

Christopher Rice: Excellent. You are well stocked. We have another question for you from our party line, so here we go. Take it away. Martin.

Martin: Hi Chris. Hi Eric. This is Martin Aguilera calling to say hello. Uh, my question for Jackie is now that, uh, television has sort of come to this place where long elaborate sprawling stories are being told is there a chance that we might see new version of Lucky and Gino and their story come to the screen again? Is that something that you’re interested in, Jackie? Is that something that might be discussed or might be happening anyway?

Jackie Collins: I really hope so.

Martin: I’m curious to, to find out. Uh, love. You guys. Love the show.

Love Jackie. Keep bringing her back.

Christopher Rice: We’ll bring her back as long as she comes. Yeah.

Jackie Collins: You know, the thing is, this is called development hell. Oh yeah. Because I’m always trying to develop something. I wanted to do a, uh, limited series of The Power Trip, a 10 hour series, and that’s looking pretty good. I’m also wanting to do a movie of the Love Killers, which is about three women who track revenge on three men. Who have killed —

Eric Shaw Quinn: Revenge. We were just talking about revenge. Nothing better.

Jackie Collins: We like revenge. And I would love to bring Lucky back to the screen. I did the two mini-series before Lucky Chances and Lady Boss, and she was played by Nicolette Sheridan. Her 19 year old mother was played by Sandra Bullock and uh,

Eric Shaw Quinn: Oh my God.

Jackie Collins: Yeah, I know. And, and, uh, people are asking me, All the time. But you know, the networks, they’re run by these guys and they wanna have, you know, 19 year old boys jerking off to topless college students.

Christopher Rice: I just don’t get it because the audience of women is enormous. We talk about this all the

Eric Shaw Quinn: time on The Dinner Party Show.

They always act surprised. They do a show with about women and there’s this huge audience in there. They’re like, Well, who saw that coming? Women go to the movies and it’s like, why is this a surprise to you again?

Christopher Rice: I have started working in romance and I go to the romance conventions. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Romantic Times?

Jackie Collins: No. What’s it like?

Christopher Rice: 2000 people! They do a giant book signing with all the authors in attendance. It’s in an airplane hangar-size ballroom, long lines for people that if you don’t read romance, you’ve never heard these names because they have such huge followings in this one community. But this community is enormous and it’s made up primarily of female readers and female writers.

So for Hollywood to continue to act like these people don’t exist is just insane.

Jackie Collins: Well, the only place that they do it is Lifetime.

Christopher Rice: Yes.

Jackie Collins: Where they do a lot of those movies.

Christopher Rice: Right.

Jackie Collins: And Hallmark.

Christopher Rice: Right.

Jackie Collins: And people wanna see it on the big screen, you know, look at Sex and The City.

Christopher Rice: Right. Absolutely.

Jackie Collins: Sex and the City 2.

And you know, magic Mike, I think it’s gonna be huge.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Yeah. I can’t imagine I will be really astonished if it’s not a giant opening.

Christopher Rice: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I will be too. Okay, we’ve got another question for, uh, one of our regular listeners, excuse me, he’s at San Francisco Pride tonight, but he’s gonna listen to the podcast. His name is Justin.

Justin: Hi guys, this is Justin Simpson. I am so glad Jackie Collins is back. I just got The Santangelos a couple days ago. I started reading it and I’m enjoying it as expected. So my question for Jackie is in regards to what is undoubtedly her most, uh, treasured character, Lucky Santangelo. Jackie, in your first appearance on The Dinner Party Show, you talked about an incident that involves someone pointing a gun to your head and how you channeled Lucky Santangelo to escape it.

Jackie Collins: Yes.

Justin: So my question is, is Lucky always with you in the sense that if you were to go to a restaurant, you know what she’d order on the menu? Or if you go to see a certain movie, you know what Lucky would think of it after seeing it? Or does Lucky decide when and where she shows up in your everyday life? I hope that that makes sense. And, uh, thank you so much for being so awesome.

Jackie Collins: Justin. Thank you so much. And I’m glad you’re enjoying The Santangelos, but you know, you’re absolutely right. Lucky likes the same music. I know she would love California Roll by Snoop Dogg, which is my current favorite. I know she would like the same food that I do I mean, if she was here now, she’d be eating all these sandwiches.

Eric Shaw Quinn: There would be a fight.

Jackie Collins: I, I would like to be Lucky in another life. I mean, she’s the character that I created that women love because they, they know she’s strong. She empowers women, and we want more women who can empower other women and do anything she wants and still look fabulous doing it.

So yeah, in another life, I would love to be Lucky.

Eric Shaw Quinn: She saved your life.

Jackie Collins: Yeah, she did save my life.

Eric Shaw Quinn: You channeled her when that person pulled that gun on you.

Jackie Collins: Because I was, I was writing the mini-series at the time and I was in full Lucky mode. And that was very fortunate because it, it crossed my mind what would Lucky do. And I made a very daring escape.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Mm-hmm. , thank goodness.

Jackie Collins: Yes.

Christopher Rice: That’s wonderful.

Jackie Collins: And here I am.

Eric Shaw Quinn: And here you are.

Jackie Collins: To tell the story.

Eric Shaw Quinn: You’d have missed all these sandwiches and we would’ve missed all of your wonderful books and stories. Well…

Christopher Rice: Absolutely. We have another question. I think this is also from someone who is attending Gay Pride in San Francisco.

Eric Shaw Quinn: There’s a lot to celebrate this weekend.

Christopher Rice: Had to get a question in for Miss Jackie Collins.

Duncan: Hey boys. Happy Sunday and happy Pride. This is Duncan calling on the road calling from the road in San Francisco, where there is very much a Dinner Party Show presence. Uh, there was a sighting of Armistead Maupin in the street.

Jackie Collins: I love his books.

Duncan: Looking fabulous as always. And also stopped by the cookie shop where you guys got your tasty dick cookies and beautiful red underwear that is —

Jackie Collins: Tasty dick cookies?

Duncan: A quick quesion to Jackie Collins. Jackie, please tell us more about Lucky’s brother, um, who inspired him and what you hope to accomplish by introducing him into the narrative. Have a happy Pride and talk to you guys soon.

Jackie Collins: Well, Duncan, she did have a brother called Dario who was indeed gay and could not tell this to his family. He had to stay closeted because his father was a gangster and he would never accept the fact that he had a gay son. So Lucky in Confessions of a Wild Child when they’re both teenagers, was very, very protective of him. Unfortunately, in one of the books, he does get murdered and it was very sad and she’s always, you know, regretted it, but she’s always been, uh, very much for gay pride, and I think that’s why I have such a wonderful, really terrific gay audience, and I love my audience.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Right from the start, you’ve had gay characters in, in the books. You didn’t wait around for it to be chic.

Jackie Collins: No, no. I didn’t wait around for it to be chic. And I, I, uh, some, uh, one day somebody did a whole thing about all the gay characters that I’ve had. They did a whole rundown of them.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Wow.

Jackie Collins: Everyone from the gorgeous black guy who was a fitness instruction instructor, uh, too, you know, various characters in all the books, but maybe I should have a transgender in.

Christopher Rice: Right, right.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Yes, absolutely. That’s a very nice idea. That’s certainly been, we’ve

Christopher Rice: We’ve had Chaz Bono has been on the show. Calpernia Adams has been on the show.

Jackie Collins: They have a transgender, now on Big Brother.

Christopher Rice: Oh, I didn’t know this.

Jackie Collins: Oh yeah. You gotta watch a Big Brother. Oh yeah. Started this week.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Have you seen Mr. Robot?

Jackie Collins: No, but I TiVo’d it.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Oh. Oh my.

Christopher Rice: Get ready.

Eric Shaw Quinn: God.

Christopher Rice: Get ready.

Eric Shaw Quinn: I fully expected to hate it and I swear,

Jackie Collins: Really?

Eric Shaw Quinn: If I could’ve watched every, if I could’ve binge watched, yeah. I would’ve sat up all night and watched the entire series. I would never have been able to stop. It was the bleakest most amazing, darkest television show I have ever seen. I was riveted.

Jackie Collins: Oh my goodness. Well that’s what I’m gonna watch tonight then. Cuz I have TiVO’d it.

Eric Shaw Quinn: I hope they can sustain it as good.

Jackie Collins: Yeah. Wow.

Eric Shaw Quinn: I love it.

Jackie Collins: Wow.

Eric Shaw Quinn: I can’t wait to hear what you think.

Jackie Collins: I, I will let you know. Which brings us to Outlander. How did you like that?

Christopher Rice: Ohhhhhhh

Eric Shaw Quinn: Oh my god. What a season. That season finale, we were talking about it on the first show. Was just devastating. I can’t erase it from my TiVo.

Jackie Collins: No, but how gorgeous is he?

Eric Shaw Quinn: My God that man is beautiful.

Jackie Collins: And what a great actor.

Eric Shaw Quinn: And so good. They’re both wonderful. I think the chemistry between the two of them is amazing. I love, um, Tobias. Yes, as well. I mean, they’re all just amazing. But that final sequence, I’m telling you, if you all have not been watching Outlander, the ending will blow your doors off. I couldn’t believe it.

Jackie Collins: No, I couldn’t believe it.

Eric Shaw Quinn: It was just, I, I don’t know if that’s Diana. I haven’t read the books.

Christopher Rice: I haven’t read the books either.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Diana Gabaldon.

Christopher Rice: I always mispronounce her name.

Jackie Collins: It was so intense. I had to keep on pressing the pause button.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Yeah, it was really,

Jackie Collins: There’s some great looking guys on television now. What about Power. Do you watch Power?

Eric Shaw Quinn: I tried. I didn’t last with Power.

Jackie Collins: Oh, it’s getting really good.

Eric Shaw Quinn: But yeah, there’s, there’s plenty of, there’s

Jackie Collins: Jussie Smollett on Empire.

Christopher Rice: Oh yeah. Love Empire.

Jackie Collins: And such a great singer.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Such really amazing.

Jackie Collins: I would watch the show and then I would run to, I buy the music.

Christopher Rice: I’m keeping my fingers crossed. That Empire is going to bring back the great nighttime soap like Dynasty, your sister’s show. Yeah. You know that it will bring back the multiple character point of view, rich, sassy. Great style, lots of sex, you know?

Jackie Collins: Well, The Power Trip would bring that back if they ever get their finger out to make it.

Christopher Rice: Totally. Like, I hope this will be good for projects that you have in development.

Jackie Collins: I know.

Eric Shaw Quinn: I would love to see it because I think that that sitcoms are just sort of fading away.

Christopher Rice: I think they are.

Eric Shaw Quinn: People are not as drawn to that format anymore. They, no, they, they aren’t succeeding in the way that they used to. And I think those bigger, more sprawling dramas are really what’s happening.

Christopher Rice: But you can do the sex now the way you couldn’t, you couldn’t do sex in the eighties the way you can do it now.

Jackie Collins: Actually, I want to remake Hollywood Wives.

Christopher Rice: Oh yeah. Yes, absolutely.

Jackie Collins: Because today it would be great,

Eric Shaw Quinn: That would be, steamy.

Jackie Collins: Buddy Hudson would be a chauffeur and Angel would be a manicurist to a huge Hollywood mansion.

Christopher Rice: Excellent.

Jackie Collins: Yeah, so I’m working on that too. I mean, I’m, I’m not sitting around, I’m trying to get these projects off the ground.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Yeah. I think it’s hard for people who are not in, who are on the outside fans and readers and what to be,

Jackie Collins: They don’t know.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Anne talked about it like it’s, I’m not, not making the movie cuz I don’t want to.

Christopher Rice: Right. Right.

Jackie Collins: I wanna make it, I wanna do it.

Eric Shaw Quinn: The answers of the number of no’s that one has to put up with an artist are legion.

Jackie Collins: Yeah. The last movie I made was, um, Hollywood Wives: The New Generation. It was Farrah Fawcett’s last movie, and I had Farrah Fawcett in it, and Robin Givens and Melissa Gilbert, and it was so much fun.

Eric Shaw Quinn: I bet.

Jackie Collins: Yes. Mm-hmm. And we made it in Canada, which was freezing cold and I had to make Canada look like Beverly Hills. So I had this truck following us around, filled with palm trees, and we had to green screen swimming pools. But that was fun and it was very successful.

Eric Shaw Quinn: The heater’s right on set so that people don’t die from being in their bikinis in Alberta.

Christopher Rice: Well, they, you know, they filmed Jaws in, I think the winter.

Those people were running into the water in the freezing cold.

Jackie Collins: Oh my God.

Eric Shaw Quinn: And I think the same is true of the, uh, the Holly, the swimsuit edition of the Sports Illustrated. They usually shoot it during really cold months of the year. And those girls are freezing to death. Why don’t they have a swimsuit edition of guys?

Christopher Rice: We’re all for that. We will back you up.

Eric Shaw Quinn: So in favor of that.

Christopher Rice: That needs a hashtag on Twitter. I think you could start that tonight with the right tweet.

Jackie Collins: I’ll start it tonight.

Christopher Rice: We will retweet you and, and, absolutely.

Jackie Collins: Absolutely. I’m going to, I’m gonna tweet about that.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Oh, and the other thing we, you’re a Graham Norton fan. What do you think of that beard?

Jackie Collins: I love Graham.

Eric Shaw Quinn: What do you think of that beard?

Jackie Collins: I don’t like it.

Eric Shaw Quinn: I don’t either.

Jackie Collins: I don’t like it.

Eric Shaw Quinn: I want, that’s the thing I wanted. I was talking about it earlier in the show. I want to start, Love Graham. Hate the beard.

Jackie Collins: I know.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Like it’s really, I want his face back.

Jackie Collins: His show is the best nighttime show on the tv.

Eric Shaw Quinn: It’s so funny.

Jackie Collins: It’s so funny. And I, I did the show, um, last New Year’s Eve. The New Year’s Eve before last with my sister.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Oh we missed it!

Jackie Collins: The two of us are on.

Christopher Rice: Oh, cool.

Jackie Collins: With Michael Buble.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Oh wow.

Jackie Collins: And it was a very, very funny.

Eric Shaw Quinn: He’s so quick. Yeah.

Jackie Collins: Oh, he’s great.

Eric Shaw Quinn: He’s so on top of it. It, he really does. It is, I think it’s very akin to The Dinner Party Show. It’s that just sort of a group of people sitting around talking. It has a very sort of, yeah, give and take kind of quality to the show.

Jackie Collins: I think so. Because now all the late night shows are like, uh, Saturday Night Live. It’s sort of like a game show, you know?

Christopher Rice: Well, it looks like James Corden is borrowing some pages from Graham Norton’s playbook. Oh, he suddenly, he’s having the guests

Eric Shaw Quinn: He brings all the guests out at once. Yeah.

Christopher Rice: Did you see the joke that Katie Couric played on James Cordon, where she,

Eric Shaw Quinn: That was so brilliant.

Christopher Rice: She, they got April Fool’s falling down, fell from down the stairs. That was so brilliant.

Eric Shaw Quinn: It was really funny.

Christopher Rice: Absolutely.

Eric Shaw Quinn: His reaction was priceless. Because I think he really thought it was her.

Christopher Rice: He really did.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Can you imagine? Oh my God, I killed Katie Couric. My career is over.

Jackie Collins: She’s very funny. But I love Amy Schumer. She,

Christopher Rice: Oh yeah, she’s hilarious.

Jackie Collins: Amazing.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Outrageous.

Jackie Collins: Outrageous.

Amazing. She doesn’t care.

Eric Shaw Quinn: She won the Peabody Award.

Christopher Rice: Did she?

Eric Shaw Quinn: Yeah.

Christopher Rice: For what?

Eric Shaw Quinn: For being outrageous for her outrageous television performance. Won a Peabody. I was, I was like, wow. The Peabody has really freshened up their act.

Christopher Rice: Yeah. Okay.

Jackie Collins: Christopher, do you watch her show Inside Amy Schumer?

Christopher Rice: No, I’ve never seen her show. Oh, I have to watch her show. I saw her appearance on Ellen, which was maybe one of the funniest things I’d ever seen. She did a riff on L.A. She said, in L.A. My arms register as legs. And they, and Ellen said, well, what do you do when you’re here in L.A.? She says, I just cry. I just sit. And I, and I cry.

Jackie Collins: But she made this famous quote the other day. She said, I’m 160 pounds and I can catch a dick any day I want.

Christopher Rice: Well, good, good.

Jackie Collins: Which I thought was great.

Christopher Rice: Yeah. Excellent.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Good for her.

Christopher Rice: Jackie Collins, we are almost outta time, but we loved having you back this summer. We’re gonna debut some of our interview with you about a, a cameo appearance that you are making in an upcoming show…

Eric Shaw Quinn: More details on that later.

Christopher Rice: That will be on July 19th as part of our TDPS summer sampler number two, which we’re calling Hollywood Not So Confidential and all summer long we’re gonna be, uh, we have clips from our, both of our interviews with you that are gonna be running as part of our summer sampler series.

Jackie Collins: Fantastic. Well I love coming here guys.

Christopher Rice: We love having you. And you can come back anytime you want.

Eric Shaw Quinn: There’ll always be sandwiches for you, darling.

Christopher Rice: Absolutely.

Jackie Collins: Thank you.

Christopher Rice: Uh, if you’re just joining us and you’re listening to us on our stream, next up we will play an encore presentation of last week’s show, our final Hannibalism episode. Next week we’re bringing you an encore of Live from Poison Creek, 4th of July Edition.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Oh. Deep, deep South.

Christopher Rice: And then we’re rolling out our TDPS Summer Sampler series. Thank you for joining us here for our last Livecast until September 13th.

Eric Shaw Quinn: But there’ll be a fresh new show every Sunday.

Christopher Rice: Absolutely.

Jackie Collins: And in the meantime, they can read The Santangelos.

Christopher Rice: Absolutely. We’re gonna be giving away signed copies of The Santangelos all summer long during those sampler series show debuts.

Eric Shaw Quinn: During Showtime on Sundays.

Christopher Rice: Absolutely. We’re gonna make you sign them before you leave.

Jackie Collins: Oh, okay. I will do.

Christopher Rice: I’m sure your hand’s about to fall off. Ah, after a book signing tour. So there’s lots going on, even though we’re going on a little bit of a summer hiatus. There’s lots going on.

Eric Shaw Quinn: You’ll hardly know the difference. Lots of new content happening. Join us every Sunday evening at 8:00 PM Eastern 5:00 PM Pacific at the Facebook page and at thedinnerpartyshow.com. Thank you again, Jackie Collins.

Jackie Collins: Thank you guys.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Always a joy.

Jackie Collins: Have a great vacation.

Christopher Rice: I will.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Oh God, I can’t wait.

Christopher Rice: I’m Christopher Rice.

Eric Shaw Quinn: And I’m Eric Shaw Quinn.

Christopher Rice: And you’ve been listening to The Dinner Party Show.

Eric Shaw Quinn: Thanks.

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