Eric’s Favorites ☞ Sentey HDD Dock Station with WD Green 6TB Desktop Hard Drive

August 16, 2015

esq-driveC-E-Favorites-SEAL-120x120Between the show, my writing and general computer usage for all manner of entertainment and media, the maintaining data back up and just on-going storage has filled up my real life desktop with a bunch of random hard drives. I was running out of desk space as fast as I was running out of gigs on my hard drive until I found this little wonder. The Hard Drive Dock station plugs into a USB port and works seamlessly with my computer to give me unlimited storage space without crowding out the pictures, papers and teacups that liter my desktop—and keep my office livable. I just plug in a hard drive and it’s just like there’s 6 more TB of storage space on the computer. When it’s full, I just pop a new hard drive into the dock. It’s the easiest solution I’ve found to limits maintaining my own unlimited air-gapped cloud.

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