Christopher’s Favorites ☞ Elysium by Jo Blankenburg

November 27, 2015


elysiumDo you like drama? Not the kind of drama your friend starts at your birthday party because she’s not getting enough attention and she couldn’t find a good parking spot. I’m talking about the kind of drama you can carry with you anywhere on your iPod, the kind where, with just the press of a button, you can suddenly feel like you’re soaring above mountain peaks on your way to a jewel encrusted temple where the secret to immortal life resides in a vial protected by an army of half/human, half-vultures who …OK. I’m going to stop there and let you fill in the rest. Because that’s exactly what you’ll do when you’re listening to this inspiring collection of high and even higher drama electronic and orchestral tracks from Jo Blankenburg. As I’ve said before, lots of trailer music is done on the cheap. Not so with Jo Blankenburg, whose tracks have the excellent production quality needed to evoke the epic landscapes they seek to inspire.

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