Eric’s Favorites ☞ Caviar Server

November 27, 2015


caviarI love caviar. On baked potatoes, on scrambled eggs, on toast points or blini. But its delicate taste is best under ideal circumstances. And first and foremost, it has to be ice cold. A year ago, tragedy struck and I broke my beloved caviar server. Just recently I found this perfect replacement. It’s simple and elegant enough for casual or formal service. But more importantly, it will keep those little eggs chilled to the perfect temperature so you can worry about more complicated party details. And to preserve that crisp, salty goodness until it hits my palate balanced on a Carr’s Cracked Pepper Table Water Cracker atop my favorite combination of smoked salmon, boiled egg, mince purple onion and a dash of cayenne pepper, I prefer a simple mother of pearl, sea shell caviar spoon. The spoon also keeps the caviar uncorrupted by metal implements. It’s a lot of trouble to go to for something so small, but if you love caviar like I do (and if you haven’t tried it, you don’t know what you’re missing!) this addition can make the difference between a little taste of caviar and perfection! And if you’ve got a caviar lover on your gift list, this inexpensive little gizmo will earn you a

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