Ep.  38 – Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club Serves Up “The 1980’s, The Deadliest Decade: Friday the 13th”

August 15, 2020

Christopher’s third and latest offering in his Burning Girl book series unfolds in Texas. To celebrate the release of BLOOD VICTORY, Christopher and Eric revisit the sordid mysteries of a small Texas town that’s fairly free of chainsaws, but home to one blood-soaked axe murderer. In Season 2, Episode 3 of THE 1980’s, THE DEADLIEST DECADE, entitled “Friday The 13th“, we meet mild mannered married couple Al and Betty Gore. When Betty, a devoted wife and school teacher is found brutally murdered in their suburban home, all roads lead to …the local movie theater? As if. Try Betty’s church group. Can shushing someone have deadly consequences? Not on this podcast, apparently, because there’s no telling your hosts to be quiet about the outrageous defense and impossible-to-believe outcome of this gruesome case.

(If this episode sounds different from our others, that’s because it was recorded remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope to be back in our usual studio space as soon as public health advisories allow.)

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