Christopher’s Favorites ☞ Jaws

April 12, 2015

crf-JawsC-E-Favorites-SEAL-120x120There was my childhood before I saw JAWS and there was my childhood after I saw JAWS; they were two dramatically different experiences. This is the movie that taught me, at the age of five no less, that I wanted to spend my life writing suspenseful stories. And the story of it’s making is one that should inspire all artists. The elaborate mechanical sharks didn’t work as expected once they were launched in saltwater, so director Steven Spielberg was forced to use suggestion alone to create a sense of lurking, predatory menace throughout most of the film. It’s a device that succeeds brilliantly, and as a result, JAWS endures year after year as a masterpiece of modern terror. Whenever I get too caught up in my own personal agenda around a creative endeavor, I remember how JAWS was made by being unmade. Unwanted accidents can often benefit our art and create masterpieces in the process, provided we work with them.

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