Christopher’s Favorites ☞ Children of Chaos

May 24, 2015

crf-childrenchaosC-E-Favorites-SEAL-120x120Simply put, “Children of Chaos” is a devastating and darkly beautiful journey into madness and terror. It is not for the faint of heart, to be sure, but Greg. F. Gifune is one of the best writers of horror and supernatural thrillers at work today. With artful and hypnotic prose, Gifune transported me to a landscape turned virtually surreal by unmitigated human cruelty, but he never resorts to the smug sadism of torture porn, which I absolutely loathe. The story begins when three teenaged boys encounter a strange man covered in horrible scars during a torrential downpour, and it ends with a deeply damaged hero in the grip of a terrifying cult that lives along a desolate stretch of Mexican road known as The Corridor of Demons. Gifune frames the grotesqueries and frights with psychological depth and soulful assuredness. I’ve unearthed a lot of great new authors as a result of random Amazon searches; Greg F. Gifune is one of the true gems you should know about.

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