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May 24, 2015

#1 sealesq-amazonfireERIC’S #1 FAVORITE FOR 2015

I touch a button, I speak the name of what it is I’d like to watch, I click and I’m watching. That’s it. Amazon Fire TV is my favorite new thing of the year — hands down. It’s easy to connect, very inexpensive and it transformed my TV into an unrivaled on-demand entertainment center. I’ve invested plenty in my home theatre but this one little addition (from $39-99) that simply plugs into the TV’s USB port and logs into your home Wi-Fi is a game changer. (There’s even a gaming edition that adds an infinite library of games to your on-demand options.) If you have Wi-Fi and a TV, this device puts all the entertainment options of the internet at your finger tips.

C-E-Favorites-SEAL-120x120Original recommendation:

I’m hooked. I got my Amazon Fire TV for my birthday and it has turned out to be the gift of spontaneity! Crystal-clear streaming paired with unrivaled programming selection. By plugging this tiny box into my setup, I expanded my library of viewing choices to everything at Amazon, Netflix, HBO, ShowTime, HULU, Crackle, Pandora and on and on and on. Fire TV has made the investment in my home theatre pay dividends and was by far its least expensive component. Even so, there is another version at a lower price point that plugs directly into your TV’s USB port that does exactly the same thing to your TV. When I have time to watch television, Amazon Fire TV is my choice.

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