Eric’s Favorites ☞ Organic Tea Maker Cleaner

May 24, 2015


Christopher and I both have the Breville Tea Maker already featured on Christopher & Eric’s Favorites. We both love it so much we have one at the Dinner Party Show studios, too. What I’m not as crazy about is cleaning the tea maker (or anything else, for that matter). Organic Tea Maker Cleaner is one of those products that works like so many appear to on TV but rarely do in real life. It’s like magic. Literally you boil the water, you pour in the little packet, you leave it in there for five minutes and when you pour it out, the glass and stainless steel gleam like they just came out of the box. It’s even organic, phosphate-free and biodegradable. If you get the Breville One Touch Tea Maker – and if you love tea, you really, really should – then get a box of this magic cleaner and spend your time sipping tea and reading your favorite book not scrubbing the tea maker. That’s my favorite.

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