The Butler’s Pantry, Shea’s Take – Re-Cap of Ep. 10, 1/13/13

January 17, 2013

Gentle Listeners,

Shea Butters here, manservant to alleged “stars”, and co-hosts of The Dinner Party Show, Christopher Rice and Eric Shaw Quinn. I strongly encouraged my employers not to compete with the Golden Globes telecast this past Sunday. But once again they ignored my advice and I’m here to report the results were….rather successful, I’m afraid.

Before the show twirled into a swirl of awards season chatter, Christopher paid tribute to beloved T.V. personality, Huell Howser, who passed away the week prior, and Eric announced his plans to locate and identify at least one actual live winner of the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes. News correspondent Breck Artery delivered a rousing report on an organization that’s working to ensure that all minority groups are discriminated against equally. And critic-at-large (and Ke$ha addict) Jordan Ampersand reported on an event he attended that may or may not have been the White House Correspondent’s Dinner with a man who may or may not have been an American senator who may or may not working to create a new state. (Once again, Eric managed not to kill Jordan Ampersand.)

And every week, we hear from relationship “expert” JoNell Samms, who brought some tough talk on a taboo topic to this episode; what to do when your husband brings home a little gift that requires a trip to the doctor’s office! And did you know the New York Times has started reviewing gay porn? Janet Maslin dropped by the show to deliver a scathing indictment of the “sodden storytelling” at work in Spunky Boys Vol. 11: Billy Takes A Hot Shower. (Or at least we think it was Janet Maslin. It sure sounded like her.)

Once entertainment journalists Ted Johnson and Tim Williams took their seats at the table, the conversation turned to Oscar snubs and surprises, including an extensive and lively discussion of the controversial film, ZERO DARK THIRTY, and the strange politics of awards season in Hollywood.

Despite the fierce competition from a certain set of golden globes, it was one of their best shows to date, and it’s now available in the Show Archive and for download via iTunes. (We hope you’re liking the shorter, more digestible podcast segments.)

This Sunday, we’re LiveCasting once again at the usual time 8 pm EST/ 5 pm PST at Our guests will be true literary lion, Patricia Nell Warren, whose classic novel, THE FRONT RUNNER is one of the reasons Eric first became a writer years ago. Our other special guests will include, stunningly handsome activist and actor, Ronnie Kroell and filmmaker Elliot London, who will be hand to discuss their new anti-bullying effort, the FRIEND campaign.

Shea Butters
Manservant to Christopher Rice & Eric Shaw Quinn

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