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Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Shea Butters, butler to alleged stars Christopher Rice and Eric Shaw Quinn. Perhaps you’ve read my various musings and dispatches on The Dinner Party Show’s Facebook page. If so, you know that I exist entirely within the long, shark shadows cast by my incorrigible masters, Mr. Rice and Mr. Quinn, both of whom purport to be New York Times best-selling novelists, although I’ve never seen a proper accounting of their respective book sales. It is here that my incorrigible masters have tasked asked me to explain to you just what this little dinner party show of theirs is. The short version is this. It began several years ago as a wildly irreverent podcast featuring their unique blend of sketch comedy and celebrity guests. You can enjoy all the old podcasts of #TDPS1pointO in the podcast library on this very site. More recently, my masters bent over backwards to keep up with modern trends and now a new serving of their unique…stew…comes to you every Sunday evening at 8PM ET/ 5 PM PT by way of The Dinner Party Show You Tube Channel. Personally, being the seasoned and dignified butler that I am, I find much of their rabble to be a bit tiresome, if not altogether deafening. But perhaps I’m biased. I am, after all, the one who must clean up after their messes. Enjoy that which makes the debris!


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