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Christopher and Eric return to one of their favorite true crime television series, the exquisitely produced and absolutely riveting THE CASE THAT HAUNTS ME, serving up Episodes 1 and 2 of Season 3, en...Read More»

  In one of the more moving and riveting installments of Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club to date, your hosts serve up the powerful documentary film REWIND, an exploration of  t...Read More»

When satellites go high, TV producers go low. That’s the basic flight path for WHAT ON EARTH? the latest victim…er, subject of Christopher and Eric’s special series, “What’s ...Read More»

Join Christopher and Eric on this trip back through the years to a simpler time when married male business owners chose to live with their much younger, handsome male employees in cramped apartments j...Read More»

In this new edition of WHAT’S SCIENCE?, Eric takes a conspiracy-driven trip to the moon that never quite sticks the lunar landing. Or anything else, for that matter. Meanwhile, Christopher tries...Read More»

A twenty-minute TV show with a fifteen minute opening theme song! One male strip club re-enactment played over and over and over and over (and over) again! An “adult film superstar” Christ...Read More»

HBO’s documentary series I’LL BE GONE IN THE DARK paints a powerful portrait of the obsessions that inspired and consumed Michelle McNamara. Her work was pivotal to identifying The Golden ...Read More»

A terrible storm. A gorgeous couple poised to begin an exciting new life. Enough real crime scene video to give you the creeps. And then some more crime scene video on top of that. In their dark salut...Read More»

Christopher and Eric put down their magnifying glasses and pick up their Botox needles so they can get rid of all the furrows in their brows they developed after sitting through these alleged trips in...Read More»

Christopher’s third and latest offering in his Burning Girl book series unfolds in Texas. To celebrate the release of BLOOD VICTORY, Christopher and Eric revisit the sordid mysteries of a small Texa...Read More»

Inspired by the first episode of HBO’s documentary series I’LL BE GONE IN THE DARK, Christopher and Eric channel their inner Michelle McNamara, the citizen detective who helped crack The G...Read More»

It’s some parents’ worst nightmare, and in the early 2000’s it was every cable news network’s favorite kind of story. A missing young white woman whose disappearance is shroude...Read More»

Something tells Christopher and Eric that big summer vacation you had planned for 2020 isn’t going to work out. So why not take a walk down memory lane and relive some of those summers when you ...Read More»

Christopher and Eric take you back to the very unfriendly skies of 1956 and a  murder that changed the modern conception of human evil – at 30,000 feet! Your intrepid flat screen detectives vis...Read More»

Our fearless hosts take a break from the grueling True Crime TV beat to consort with the lunatic fringe! They’ll each explore a different mind-bending episode of  MYSTERIES AT THE NATIONAL PARKS. T...Read More»

Did Christopher and Eric finally discover a true crime TV show with re-enactments that live up to Christopher’s impossibly exacting standards? Will this bloody foray into the forests of British ...Read More»

Christopher and Eric close out their Pride Month celebration with an episode packed full of coming out stories in all their various forms. They asked, you answered. Thanks to your Facebook responses, ...Read More»

Christopher and Eric  continue to honor Pride Month with an installment of Christopher and Eric’s True Crime TV Club that takes us back to a time when getting thrown out of the military wasn’...Read More»

“Gay panic”! It’s not just when Eric finds out he can’t watch the Oscars live. It’s the offensive and ridiculous notion that implying someone might be gay is so terrible ...Read More»

It’s a real-life story that reads like one of Christopher and Eric’s novels, a tale of double lives, secret sexuality, crimes of passion and betrayal. In this installment of Christopher &a...Read More»

As they approach thirty episodes, Christopher and Eric take a deep dive on why true crime captivates us all, and which installments of Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club so far have hau...Read More»

Murder? Definitely. Paradise? Hardly. Christopher and Eric embark on a trip to the South of France in search of high crimes amongst the upper classes. Well, these criminals are definitely high on some...Read More»

This week, your hosts get personal with your personal responses to the topics of aging and age-related time travel as they tackle the question, “If you had to be one age you’ve already liv...Read More»

It happens every few episodes. Just when Christopher and Eric announce that their True Crime TV Club has served up the most disturbing crime imaginable, they somehow manage to top it, this time with t...Read More»

If you want to treat yourself to some of what Christopher calls “the ass-kicking advice” of his co-host Eric Shaw Quinn, you can always send him your questions at eric@thedinnerpartyshow.c...Read More»

When Eric first came up with the idea for Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club, he proposed Wives With Knives as a potential show he and Christopher could break down and serve up for thei...Read More»

It’s the trashy true crime sensation that’s sweeping the sheltering-at-home nation, and naturally Christopher and Eric have a growling desire to go on and on and on about it. And as always...Read More»

Is this the most disturbing installment of Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club yet?! If not, it’s pretty damn close. When Christopher and Eric serve up this episode of the Discover...Read More»

Got a question that’s keeping you up at night? Ask Eric. He pulls no punches and he takes no prisoners. He delivers the truth unvarnished, and his guidance can deliver the perspective shift you ...Read More»

A doomed, disturbing, international and highly inappropriate teenage love affair. A murder-for-hire plot that circles the globe and the dark web. An on-camera confrontation with an alleged criminal ma...Read More»

Did Christopher actually go on a beach vacation with Gianni Versace’s killer?! Is that why the FBI stormed Anne Rice’s Garden District mansion in 1999? Eric won’t stop until theyR...Read More»

Mountains of cocaine and a sex-party filled seventy room mansion in the Hamptons are just two of the spicy ingredients in this installment of Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club, a sordi...Read More»

Ep. 15 – Birthday Ache
March 7, 2020

Your hosts thought it would be a frothy and fun conversation about the fact that their birthdays are only days apart, but this special birthday episode turned into a probing and revelatory discussion ...Read More»

True Crime TV Club gets exclusive as we rummage through the closets of Brooke Astor,  the toast of Manhattan. Christopher and Eric don white gloves and guide you down the gilded corridors of New York...Read More»

Christopher’s Burning Girl novels feature a super-powered vigilante who seeks vengeance against sadistic serial killers like the ones who murdered her mother. When he pulls back the curtain on t...Read More»

Teenage angst combines with the isolation of a small Alaska town to fuel a fiery crime that tests the limits of Christopher and Eric’s threshold for darkness in this installment of “Christopher &a...Read More»

Ep. 11 – Award Yourself
February 8, 2020

It’s awards season in Hollywood, so Christopher and Eric are diving into the deep end of the glittering swimming pool as they talk more about the meaning of the season (or lack thereof) than the...Read More»

True Crime TV Club is back. This time Christopher and Eric take you on a steamy tour of 1970’s Hollywood and a torrid sex scandal that came close to consuming the Reagan White House. In the early 70...Read More»

Ep. 9 – Holiday Escape
January 26, 2020

Christopher and Eric have returned from their holiday hiatus with hearts full of lovely comments from their listeners, a.k.a “the Party People”, as well as their usual headfulls of opinions. How m...Read More»

Just in time for Christmas, it’s a tale of holiday murder. With re-enactments. A lot of them. In the latest installment of “Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club”, your h...Read More»

Fame. Drugs. Murder. Encino! They’re all on offer in the latest installment of “Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club” in which your hosts tackle a recent ABC News Specia...Read More»

It’s the Dateline episode everyone’s talking about, and Christopher and Eric have plenty to say about this astonishing story as well. Some of it they’re going to yell because this ca...Read More»

A mysterious shoe box full of cash. An abandoned car on a bridge. A turbulent river named for beasts of the sea. How does ABC’s 20/20 tie these disparate elements together as they cover the dist...Read More»

Take a trip into the shadows of the Louisiana bayous as Christopher and Eric join the hunt for one of the most prolific serial killers in history. In the second installment of Christopher & Eric...Read More»

Join Christopher and Eric as they wade through accusations of devil worship, tainted investigations and homophobia to reveal the twisted path to the truth taken by several embattled, strong-willed wom...Read More»

Christopher and Eric go all in on the topics of coming out, being yourself and letting your own personal freak flag fly. Also, they reveal the title of the first true crime documentary they’ll b...Read More»

Christopher Rice and Eric Shaw Quinn, New York Times bestselling authors and creators of “The Dinner Party Show,” return to their dining room studio on West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip to b...Read More»

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