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It wouldn’t be Citizen Detective Month at TDPS if Christopher and Eric didn’t include their very own fellow citizen detective, Clark Williams, the brilliant and determined amateur sleuth who solve...Read More»

Citizen Detective Month continues with a decades old mystery that will set your teeth on edge and bring your blood to a boil. In this True Crime TV Club installment, Christopher and Eric serve up epis...Read More»

Welcome to Malibu, home to surf, celebrities and a murderous sniper who became a political football in a hotly contested election for Los Angeles County Sheriff. Christopher and Eric kick off Citizen ...Read More»

“If you’ve got a criminal record in both Florida and Jersey, you’re automatically guilty,” is the line that emerges loudest from your hosts in this new installment of True Crim...Read More»

Can a hunting accident happen behind the wheel of a car? Can a stray bullet travel over a mile? Can a cold blooded killer be quite this transparent and stupid? These are the Winter Time Crime question...Read More»

Christopher and Eric serve up one of the most infamous, unsolved mysteries of all time, the Dyatlov Pass Incident, as Winter Time Crime continues with a tale of the collision of Cold War secrecy and R...Read More»

Winter Time Crime begins with this twisted, frigid tale of random shootings, terrifyingly loyal girlfriends and vindictive parents. Was Sean Cerniglia a sweet humorous teen or a criminal enabler? The ...Read More»

Ep. 212 – The Best of 2023
December 30, 2023

Come now, you didn’t think two bitches as opinionated as Christopher and Eric wouldn’t do a Best Of episode, did you? Well, you might be surprised to hear they’re keeping the list po...Read More»

What do you want for Christmas this year? Unless it was “for Christopher and Eric to shut up and stop making podcasts”, your hosts served up your responses to our Facebook query. While the...Read More»

Christopher and Eric continue their celebration of the return of THE CROWN with a True Crime TV Club serving of the tragic, real life basis for one of the famed Netflix series’ most haunting epi...Read More»

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Christopher and Eric celebrate the return of one of their favorite TV shows of all time, Netflix’s THE CROWN, with this House of Windsor themed installment of True Crime TV Club. Who would you m...Read More»

What would a buffet of Heartland Horrors be without a trip to the Deep South? The South Carolina Low County that is, where miles of backroads lead to swampy mysteries, mysteries from which some of us ...Read More»

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This episode of Heartland Horrors Month surprises Christopher and Eric with a 1990’s serial killing spree that found gay men being targeted in one of the Midwest’s most progressive cities,...Read More»

Heartland Horrors Month continues as Christopher and Eric give the coast-hugging, city dwellers among us several good reasons not to leave their urban idylls. And season 5, episode 1 of HOMICIDE FOR T...Read More»

Leave it to Christopher and Eric to come up with reasons *not* to go home for the holidays. That’s apparently the objective of Heartland Horrors Month here at TDPS, starting with this twisted ta...Read More»

In the second episode in a two parter serving up the landmark HBO documentary series LAST CALL: WHEN A SERIAL KILLER STALKED QUEER NEW YORK, Christopher and Eric are left breathless. The reveals come ...Read More»

Some murders happen twice in a row. First comes the killing, then comes the erasure of the victim by the very institutions equipped to find the perpetrator.  Christopher and Eric mark the tragic ...Read More»

Sometimes a host of gory details only serves to distract from the real story. Eric believes that may well be the case with this episode of HOMICIDE FOR THE HOLIDAYS, season 4, episode 1, entitled R...Read More»

Ep. 201 – Annetober
October 14, 2023

We’re renaming October as we celebrate the legacy of our beloved Premiere Party Person, Anne Rice, born this month of darkness, mystery and transition. Travel along with Christopher and Eric has the...Read More»

Back to School month comes to a devastating conclusion with this disturbing exploration of a case that’s been the butt of too many jokes and not enough explorations into the twisted manipulation...Read More»

It’s a quiet night in a small Texas panhandle town when one of its most beloved high school students vanishes, leaving behind a threadbare trail of mystifying clues. Within hours of the discover...Read More»

Back to School Month continues as Christopher and Eric head to a posh New England prep school where secrecy and lies mask a legacy of abuse. But this tragedy extends far beyond the leafy borders of th...Read More»

Christopher and Eric kick off Back to School month, a quartet of episodes about the crimes endured by high school and college students as well as their loved ones. When Christian Aguilar begins his fr...Read More»

There are bad movies and then there are truly terrible movies. But do any of them ever star Robert Duvall? Find out as Christopher and Eric bring you the second episode in a true crime pairing about t...Read More»

After so many episodes of bloodshed and mayhem, Christopher and Eric bring their True Crime movie Time Summer Film Festival in for a soft landing. Here your hosts bring you a true crime pairing about ...Read More»

Pacific Northwest Nightmares continues. Christopher and Eric offer a frank and strong view about a made-for-TV movie that attempts to draw a connection between two of the region’s most notorious...Read More»

Don your waterproof slicker and pull on those thigh high rain boots. It’s time for the storm drenched final leg of Christopher and Eric’s True Crime Movie Time Summer Film Festival, Pacifi...Read More»

The Southern Sins portion of the True Crime Movie Time Summer Film Festival concludes with DEVIL’S KNOT, a screen adaptation of one the most widely publicized and divisive true crime cases in re...Read More»

How have Christopher and Eric gone this long without discussing the Robin Hood Hill murders, the case that essentially gave birth to the modern day true crime genre? In this installment of Christopher...Read More»

Southern Sins continues with the second in a true crime pairing. This particular installment of True Crime Movie Time presents a searing and disturbing cinematic look at a South Florida murder steeped...Read More»

Christopher and Eric kick off the Southern Sins portion of their True Crime Movie Time Summer Film Festival with this wrenching look at addiction and murder among a group of disaffected teens in the S...Read More»

In their discussion of the 1973 film BADLANDS, Christopher and Eric wrestle with their own belief in artistic freedom while confronting a dramatized version of real life crimes that essentially rewrit...Read More»

Midwest Mayhem departs the big and dirty city and heads to the bleak countryside for its second true crime pairing, the disturbing story of Charles Starkweather and Carol Fugate, two young killers who...Read More»

Some days your hosts think this podcast should be retitled THIS IS NOT THE MOVIE WE REMEMBER. Such were the feelings of both Christopher and Eric when they revisited what many consider to be a classic...Read More»

Christopher and Eric kick off the Midwest Mayhem portion of their True Crime Movie Time Summer Film Festival with an all new true crime pairing devoted to two of the most mythologized figures in the h...Read More»

East Coast Carnage wraps up the second half of another true crime pairing as the True Crime Movie Time Summer Film Festival continues its exploration of the Son of Sam killings. Spike Lee is one of ou...Read More»

East Coast Carnage heads to the Big Apple and the Five Boroughs as Christopher & Eric’s True Crime Movie Time Summer Film Festival continues. For the first time, Christopher and Eric tackle ...Read More»

East Coast Carnage continues on Christopher & Eric’s True Crime Movie Time Summer Film Festival with the second in a true crime pairing about the Boston Marathon bombings.  The Peter Be...Read More»

East Coast Carnage,  the next chapter in Christopher & Eric’s True Crime Movie Time Summer Film Festival, kicks off with the Boston Marathon bombing, a horrific act of terrorism that...Read More»

In the final episode of California Screaming month, we bring you an all new installment of Christopher & Eric’s True Crime Movie Time. This time they’re opening the vaults and blowing ...Read More»

A new “true crime pairing” in California Screaming month begins with this latest installment of Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club, serving up a two-part documentary special...Read More»

California Screaming Month continues with the second in a true crime pairing devoted to a killer who has become more phantom than human, more conspiracy than evidence. When Christopher and Eric first ...Read More»

Christopher and Eric’s cross country journey of murder and mayhem begins with California Screaming month, the first chapter in the True Crime Movie Time Summer Film Festival, a series of episode...Read More»

In the final burst of April Showers Bring Van Gogh Flowers Month, Christopher and Eric embark on a dizzying international journey that begins with a swift and skillful break in at the Van Gogh Museum ...Read More»

April Showers Bring Van Gogh Flowers Month unleashes another storm as your hosts bring you an unusual selection for this “true crime pairing”, AT ETERNITY’S GATE, an art house biopic...Read More»

April showers bring Van Gogh flowers as Christopher and Eric celebrate their return from Europe with a twisty, international true crime tale involving the incredible artist they paid tribute to on the...Read More»

You didn’t think you could get rid of them that easily, did you? Christopher and Eric return from their European adventure full of their usual dazzling recollections and chesty complaints. ...Read More»

Two years ago, Christopher and Eric used this podcast to bring much needed attention to the brutal homicide of a young gay man named William Arnold Newton, whose severed head and feet were found in a ...Read More»

Two years ago, Christopher and Eric used this podcast to bring much needed attention to the brutal homicide of a young gay man named William Arnold Newton, whose severed head and feet were found in a ...Read More»

Two years ago, Christopher and Eric used this podcast to bring much needed attention to the brutal homicide of a young gay man named William Arnold Newton, whose severed head and feet were found in a ...Read More»

Two years ago, Christopher and Eric used this podcast to bring much needed attention to the brutal homicide of a young gay man named William Arnold Newton, whose severed head and feet were found in a ...Read More»

Find out how this wrap up to Toxic Love Month almost became a second train wreck episode. (We’re looking at you, Christopher.) Jasmine Fiore was determined to use her Playboy Playmate career as ...Read More»

Toxic Love Month gets a hint of sugar courtesy of you, our beloved Party People. On The Dinner Party Show’s Facebook page, we asked you to share the most romantic thing anyone’s ever done ...Read More»

Toxic Love Month continues with the second in Christopher and Eric’s “true crime pairing” charting the long fall of one of the music industry’s most influential producers. On this ...Read More»

#JusticeForBilly Billy’s Murderer Found! March 4, 2023: #JusticeForBilly month begins with a stunning visit from LAPD homicide detective John Lamberti on Christopher & Er...Read More»

No one chronicled a Hollywood murder mystery better than storied writer Dominick Dunne, and no one serves up Hollywood scandal better than your hosts Christopher and Eric. The first in one of their &#...Read More»

Movin’ On Month continues and in typical, morbid Christopher and Eric fashion your hosts are celebrating with a special edition of True Crime TV Club that focuses on one of the most famous haunt...Read More»

Ep. 163 – Get Wrecked!
January 21, 2023

Have you heard the news? Eric Shaw Quinn is moving into a home of his own and in true TDPS style your hosts are celebrating by focusing on the negative. On The Dinner Party Show’s Facebook page,...Read More»

Movin’ On Month continues! Eric Shaw Quinn’s finally getting his own place. To celebrate, we’re bringing you an all new True Crime TV Club that proves it’s always better to liv...Read More»

New year. Same Christopher and Eric. After a series of special encores, your hosts return with their first completely new episode of 2023. Join them for a tour of the new holiday traditions they’...Read More»

“God gave us memory so we might have roses in December.” This J.M Barrie quote is one of Eric Shaw Quinn’s favorites, and it’s why your hosts have chosen to mark their first ho...Read More»

“God gave us memory so we might have roses in December.” This J.M Barrie quote is one of Eric Shaw Quinn’s favorites, and it’s why your hosts have chosen to mark their first ho...Read More»

“God gave us memory so we might have roses in December.” This J.M Barrie quote is one of Eric Shaw Quinn’s favorites, and it’s why your hosts have chosen to mark their first ho...Read More»

It’s been one year since we lost our beloved Premiere Party Person, Anne Rice. As we remember this sad anniversary, we bring you a special encore presentation of one of our most emotional episod...Read More»

We’re calling it the train wreck episode, and not just because the crime involved took place next to some railroad tracks. Listen to find out why this became the most chaotic installment of Chri...Read More»

The brutal slaying of a prominent attorney’s wife and son is only the beginning of this dark saga of murder, homophobia and corruption in South Carolina’s Low Country. Your hosts — forme...Read More»

Smart British crime-solvers and gorgeous royal gowns. A riveting historical novel about one woman’s search for revenge in earthquake ravaged San Francisco. It’s all on the menu at Christop...Read More»

Where are the children? Some true crime stories reach out from the screen and grab you by the throat from the second you first read the headline. That’s what happened to Christopher and Eric whe...Read More»

Are Christopher and Eric really going to do an entire episode about daylight savings time? Not really. They’re going to take an entire episode to spotlight how much they DESPISE daylight savings...Read More»

In the two years since your hosts Christopher and Eric started marking the Halloween season anniversary of young Billy Newton’s gruesome and long unsolved murder, new witnesses and a potential s...Read More»

Are vampires real? Do werewolves enjoy their hairy gifts? Speaking of hair, would Christopher and Eric be able to recognize William Shatner in public if he didn’t have his wig on? And why did Wi...Read More»

As your hosts Christopher and Eric kick off the Halloween season, they turned to you, our beloved Party People, to hear about the scariest experience you ever had that couldn’t be easily explain...Read More»

For years now, Eric Shaw Quinn has proclaimed that if Lyle and Erik Menendez had been women, there would be statues of them on the lawn of the Beverly Hills Courthouse. Today, as the Discovery ID docu...Read More»

It’s almost impossible to believe that our beloved Premiere Party Person, Anne Rice’s 81st birthday is happening without her on this earth, but Christopher and Eric are sure she would have...Read More»

Eric searched the heavens for a True Crime TV Club that could mark the autumnal equinox and somehow we all ended up at a gym in Florida. Find out how we made the strange trip as your hosts serve up ep...Read More»

Ep. 145 – Roevember Is Coming
September 17, 2022

Will the upcoming midterms be a referendum on the SCOTUS decision about abortion? Will a certain treasonous and psychotic former president’s picks for office make the cut? Are you as sick of the...Read More»

Join the Party People and your hosts Eric and Christopher for the release of another steamy and emotional gay romance novel from Christopher’s alter ego. SAPPHIRE SPRING, the second book in the ...Read More»

Serial killer Stephen Port used the anonymity offered by the Internet to kill and to deceive the grieving in diabolical ways. But to what extent was he aided and abetted by the incompetence and homoph...Read More»

In the first serving of this all new True Crime Pairing, Christopher and Eric head across the pond and into the twisted mind of one of Britain’s most notorious serial killers, Stephen Port. In &...Read More»

Ep. 141 – Hack To School
August 20, 2022

With summer on the wane, it’s time for a Back to School themed query on The Dinner Party Show’s Facebook page. We asked, you answered. If you could travel back in time and relive your high...Read More»

With its period costumes and not-always-terrible reenactors, the Discovery Channel series A CRIME TO REMEMBER is a TDPS favorite, but episode 6 of season 4, entitled “Guess Who?” left Chri...Read More»

In which your hosts Christopher and Eric get self-reflective about something other than their diet plans. Why do we love true crime stories? What do we gain from studying them and discussing them? We ...Read More»

Christopher and Eric’s True Crime Special Editions bring you a multi-episode true crime documentary series in one steaming episode of their opinion-packed podcast. This Special Edition is THE CL...Read More»

Are we alone in the universe? Did countless residents of Phoenix, Arizona all lose their minds on the same spring evening in 1997? Do the makers of the JJ Abrams produced Showtime documentary series &...Read More»

As summer continues, Christopher and Eric take to the high seas of true crime again. This particular journey leads them to a destination so chilling its details are forever seared in their memories. T...Read More»

In their first ever live on location episode of “TDPS Presents CHRISTOPHER & ERIC”, your hosts travel to Book Bonanza in Dallas, Texas for a mimosa-filled celebration of Premiere Party...Read More»

Summer’s upon us and it’s time for Christopher and Eric to set sail on the high seas of murder. Or the more murky waters of mysterious disappearances. Now that Eric has singlehandedly R...Read More»

Our last Pride Month episode of 2022 comes to you on the anniversaries of United States v. Windsor and Obergefell v. Hodges, the Supreme Court decisions that made marriage equality the law of the land...Read More»

For their Pride Month episode, Eric was on the hunt for a true crime special that impacted the gay community, but what he turned up was a case with shocking parallels to a gruesome unsolved murder you...Read More»

As Pride Month continues, Christopher and Eric demand more movies about gay fathers. Until they arrive, they’ll have to be content with moves like JOE BELL, the real life story of a father who w...Read More»

Christopher and Eric commence their Pride Month observances in an international way with this riveting tale of anti-gay violence, police misconduct and moving family loyalty from Down Under. In “...Read More»

Beach season is upon us, and that means it’s time for Christopher and Eric to turn a fun and sunny thing into a firestorm of apocalyptic negativity. We asked you, our Party People, to share with...Read More»

Batter up! At least we think that’s how you say it. Christopher and Eric aren’t the biggest baseball fans, but they thought they should celebrate the season with a serving of #TrueCrimeTVC...Read More»

Christopher can’t seem to stop publishing new novels this year, and poor Eric keeps getting pulled away from his own writing to celebrate their releases. This time it’s DECIMATE, a twisty ...Read More»

For the second course in our Mother’s Day true crime pairing, it’s a True Crime Movie Time featuring CHANGELING, the too-often overlooked Clint Eastwood film based on the horrors of the Wineville ...Read More»

As this installment of Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club proves, some mothers are for the birds. Dive into the disturbing real life horror show that inspired next week’s True Cri...Read More»

Ep. 124 – Is This It?
April 23, 2022

Each week, Christopher and Eric post a special Wednesday Question on The Dinner Party Show’s Facebook page. Sometimes the responses from you, our Party People, blossom into compelling episodes. ...Read More»

He’s called Canada’s Jeffrey Epstein. But if you’ve never heard of Peter Nygard, don’t worry, Christopher and Eric hadn’t either until diving headfirst into UNSEAMLY: THE...Read More»

Ep. 122 – SAY GAY!
April 9, 2022

Infamous “don’t say gay” bills and their institutionalized bigotry are the new front lines in a culture war designed to distract from one political party’s enabling of a crimin...Read More»

The mysterious disappearance of handsome Hollywood film executive Gavin Smith gets stranger and stranger… depending on who’s telling the story. In their first ever True Crime TV Club Redux, Ch...Read More»

Christopher and Eric complete their fashionable “true crime pairing” by letting out the hems, the sleeves and the waist on the outrageous ensemble parading through Ridley Scott’s “House of Guc...Read More»

It’s the first in an Oscar season “true crime pairing” and possibly Christopher and Eric’s most fashionable True Crime TV Club to date! In advance of our discussion of the controversial Lady G...Read More»

To celebrate their birthdays this year, your hosts Christopher and Eric are serving up a generous slice of one of their favorite comfort watches, the classic (and campy) mystery series MURDER, SHE WRO...Read More»

Christopher just released SAPPHIRE SUNSET, the first book in his steamy and emotional Sapphire Cove series. Since the novel’s set at a luxury resort, Eric thought that in honor of Christopher...Read More»

Christopher & Eric’s True Crime Special Edition serves up a multi-episode true crime documentary series for you in one episode of our podcast. In this installment, we bring you the HBO serie...Read More»

Christopher and Eric are both writers, and so it’s often their duty to bring you the real story they see hidden behind TV’s smoke and mirrors. Never has that been more true than with THE C...Read More»

On a special Valentine’s Day edition of Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club, your hosts serve up philandering politicians, deranged cults and a rousing discussion of the true meani...Read More»

Great artists remain immortal through their work, so we never have to truly say goodbye.   To honor the posthumous release of “Ramses the Damned – The Reign of Osiris”, your hosts C...Read More»

“You have to write the book you want to read.” – Anne Rice What better way to wrap up this special tribute to Anne’s memory than with cheers and applause? In our fourth “Dinn...Read More»

“It seemed like the gift you gave everyone last night at the [Lestat Coronation] Ball was freedom.” – Eric Shaw Quinn  The TDPS celebration of Anne Rice’s memory continues. Fo...Read More»

“You forever changed the vampire genre. You took us into their hearts and into their souls.” – Christopher Rice  As they continue to celebrate the memory of their most beloved guest...Read More»

“I am the only woman I know of who’s ever been played by Brad Pitt on screen.” – Anne Rice Still reeling from the loss of Anne Rice, our beloved Premiere Party Person, Christopher ...Read More»

A former college basketball star turned recovering addict, or a man who claims Bigfoot might be capable of multiple murders? America’s first terrorist airplane bombing, or a savage New York homi...Read More»

While it’s technically not a tale of true crime, Christopher and Eric think some of the ancient origins of our most popular holiday traditions sound pretty criminal. Or so say the experts featur...Read More»

She was a poster girl for innocence before she became a tragic headline. In Hollywood, few untimely deaths have left behind more pain and unanswered questions than the sudden loss of Brittany Murphy. ...Read More»

Loins and triceps and murder, oh my! Christopher and Eric bust into the famous Ladies Only club to serve up the super-sized documentary series CURSE OF THE CHIPPENDALES from Discovery Plus. Join us on...Read More»

Ep. 104 Hard Candy Christmas
December 4, 2021

Supply chain issues are on everyone’s lips and minds this holiday season, so Christopher and Eric turned to you, our Party People, to find out how you were coping with a holiday gift buying seas...Read More»

When the grieving family of slain Latin pop star Selena Quintanilla discovered there were several films in development about their loved one’s life and tragic murder, they pushed past their grie...Read More»

A wildly talented singer and performer and one of the most important figures in the history of Latin American pop culture, Selena Quintanilla’s shocking murder outside of a Texas motel...Read More»

Isn’t it romantic? Christopher and Eric talk love and romance as they announce the birth of Christopher’s new pen name, C. Travis Rice, devoted to tales of romance between men. SAPPHIRE SU...Read More»

Don’t worry. It’s not a clip show. But Christopher and Eric are still pinching themselves that this is their 100th episode of the podcast, and so they’re celebrating with a lively co...Read More»

In this edition of Christopher and Eric’s True Crime TV Club, your hosts serve up a shocking set of murders that destroyed a small town’s innocence. In May 1986, three popular local teenag...Read More»

 One year ago and with your help, Christopher and Eric marked the 30th anniversary of the tragic murder of young gay man named Billy Newton by bringing investigators their first real lead in deca...Read More»

In 2017, Blaze Bernstein, a talented and beloved young gay man, returned home to California to visit his family for the holidays and vanished into thin air. Or so it seemed. Our Party People have been...Read More»

During last episode’s discussion of the Robert Durst murder trial, Christopher and Eric raised intriguing questions about cover stories and fake alibis, and what it means to stand by the ones yo...Read More»

The Robert Durst murder trial just ended in a guilty verdict here in Los Angeles, so Christopher and Eric bring you a new installment of True Crime Movie Time featuring the star-studded (and vastly un...Read More»

From the moment we launched Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club, our Party People have been asking us to serve up a steaming episode of this heavily battered and deep fried goodie. And w...Read More»

He’s baaaaaack! And no, we’re not talking about Eric’s appendix. (Thank God!) In this episode, Christopher and Eric celebrate the return of one of Anne Rice’s most iconic chara...Read More»

This edition of Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club takes a trip across the pond where a dignified and reserved small town British detective gives us a terrifying glimpse into one of his...Read More»

Christopher and Eric didn’t want to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks with the usual roster of disaster porn, so on this special edition of Christopher & Eric...Read More»

Home renovation shows have become Christopher and Eric’s SECOND favorite pandemic-era binge. But what happens when you rip a house down to the studs and find murder within? This installment of C...Read More»

Christopher and Eric return! Having gone as long as they can using Eric’s appendectomy as an excuse not to produce new episodes, your hosts roar back into the studio. They have much to say about...Read More»

“Falsely Accused Month” concludes with the second in our latest “crime pairing”, a lively discussion of the film, RICHARD JEWELL, a compelling biopic that covers the events of ...Read More»

“Falsely Accused Month” continues, as Christopher and Eric serve up the first in a “crime pairing”, an episode of THE CRIMES THAT CHANGED US, Season 1, Episode 2, that takes us...Read More»

Christopher and Eric kick off “Falsely Accused Month” here at TDPS with this jaw-dropping tale of an incompetent police department more determined to control the news cycle than investigat...Read More»

Why did Eric drop everything and move to England? Why won’t Christopher go anywhere near a Ouija board? What does it take to get started in podcasting?  Christopher and Eric can run their m...Read More»

Miami can be not-so-nice, so we’ll say it thrice. The sunlit city isn’t just the fictional home of The Golden Girls. It’s also the home of alligator alley and some fairly nasty crimi...Read More»

There’s no murder or kidnapping or child abduction in this installment of Christopher and Eric’s True Crime TV Club, but BRIDEGROOM took Christopher and Eric’s breath away just the s...Read More»

Ep. 82 – Daddy Issues
June 19, 2021

When Eric Shaw Quinn submitted his comedic novel about gay parenting to publishers in the 1990’s, many were shocked. One editor dismissed SAY UNCLE by saying “You and I simply don’t ...Read More»

We asked, you answered. As Pride month continues here at The TDPS Network, we headed to The Dinner Party Show’s Facebook page and asked you to tell us about your gay heroes. They could be living...Read More»

Christopher and Eric launch their Pride Month episodes with a True Crime TV Club dedicated to the slaying of a nightclub owner who helped found one of South Africa’s most vibrant gay communities...Read More»

Join Christopher and Eric as they trek into the primeval redwood forests of Northern California in search of a monster. True Crime Special Edition is a super-sized True Crime TV Club that serves up an...Read More»

Something tells us this isn’t what they mean by “love, Italian style”! Or is it? Bone up on your fashion trivia before the Lady Gaga and Adam Driver film inspired by this true crime ...Read More»

The jab. The shot. The way forward. Whatever you’re calling it, the COVID-19 vaccines are opening up our world again. Christopher and Eric celebrate their own vaccinations by asking you, our bel...Read More»

The terrifyingly toxic relationship between teenager Gypsy Rose Blancharde and her mother-from-hell Dee Dee has been the fodder for countless true crime specials and even a limited television series f...Read More»

You remember where you were. You remember exactly what you were doing. Afterwards, your world seemed forever changed. A recent #TrueCrimeTVClub covering the 1994 bombing of the Murrah Federal Building...Read More»

Christopher and Eric’s ongoing discussion of the brutal, 30-year old unsolved homicide of gay adult film actor William “Billy” Newton (aka Billy London) hasn’t just drawn the a...Read More»

What do Albert Einstein, the great San Francisco earthquake of 1906 and the sleepy beach town of Santa Cruz, California have in common? Nothing. Unless you enter the mind of serial killer Herbert Mull...Read More»

We asked, you answered! On The Dinner Party Show’s Facebook page, our #WednesdayQuestion is a chance for you to let your guard down with your hosts and fellow Party People. Recently, we presente...Read More»

In a possible #TrueCrimeTVClub first, Christopher and Eric serve up a holiday-set crime that isn’t a family massacre. But the brutal murder of Sister Margaret Ann Pahl inside of a Toledo, Ohio c...Read More»

#TrueCrimeTVClub gets super-sized with this #TrueCrimeSpecialEdition delivering all three episodes in the new Dateline NBC series, THE WIDOWER. Sit back and strap yourselves in as Christopher and Eric...Read More»

In the latest #TrueCrimeTVClub, Christopher and Eric honor March Madness the only way they know how, with a true crime tale that kinda, sorta has something to do with basketball. When a former college...Read More»

Christopher and Eric take a break from dark tales and true crime so they can plot a dazzling escape from the world’s troubles using the magic of Hollywood. What films and television shows have t...Read More»

The bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on 1995 is one of the worst acts of domestic terrorism ever carried out in the United States. But does AMERICAN EXPERIENCE: OKLAHO...Read More»

The latest #TrueCrimeTVClub honors Black History Month by serving up HATRED IN AMERICA: THE KLAN ON TRIAL, Season 1, Episode 1, entitled “The Klan on Trial”. Christopher and Eric follow jo...Read More»

Ep. 65 – Romancing The Hosts
February 20, 2021

Christopher and Eric saluted Valentine’s Day with an episode devoted to a serial killer, which pretty much sums up how they feel about the holiday. Now they’re back to discuss the topics t...Read More»

We were just looking for a True Crime TV Club offering darkly suited to Valentine’s Day. What we got was an episode of 20/20 so densely packed with murder, depravity and institutional incompetence y...Read More»

Over the course of several months, Christopher and Eric have been examining the gruesome, unsolved homicide of a young gay man named William Newton, who performed in adult films as Billy London. Now t...Read More»

A box office bomb at the theater, THE FROZEN GROUND rocketed to Netflix’s Top 10 when it landed on the streamer in 2020. Starring Nicolas Cage, John Cusak and former Disney star Vanessa Hudgens,...Read More»

Christopher and Eric take a twisted walk across the frozen trails of the Alaskan backwoods as they follow the crimes of real life serial killer Robert Hansen, who hunted women for sport. In the latest...Read More»

In Episode 48, Christopher and Eric marked the grim anniversary of their very own “hometown murder”, the gruesome slaying of William Arnold Newton, a young gay West Hollywood man and adult...Read More»

In this emotional edition of Christopher and Eric’s True Crime TV Club, your hosts serve up the first true crime stories that disturbed them when they were young. For Eric, it’s the murder...Read More»

What is it with the holidays and gruesome spree killers? Christopher and Eric return to the true crime series HOMICIDE FOR THE HOLIDAYS and serve up Season 2, Episode 8, “Bloody New Year’s...Read More»

Christopher and Eric shine a light on their favorite bright spots in a very dark year, serving up their picks for the most helpful, therapeutic and diverting highlights of 2020, the year of the pandem...Read More»

It wouldn’t be the holidays if Christopher and Eric weren’t talking about the hideous antics of a psychopath who destroys everything he touches. And that’s the perfect description of...Read More»

Christopher and Eric have served up true crime TV specials galore. Now it’s time to unleash their sharp and silver tongues on a bigger screen in this new series devoted to breaking down feature ...Read More»

There’s very little diva Wendy Williams can’t pull off, but how good is she at narrating a true crime series? Christopher and Eric are determined to find out as they serve up Episode 3 of ...Read More»

Assuming it wasn’t this one, Christopher and Eric asked you, the Party People, to share your recollections of the best Thanksgiving ever, and the result was a rousing discussion that gives us ho...Read More»

Thanksgiving is the bloodiest time of the year. And not just for turkeys. In their first ever double stuffed, special edition of Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club, your hosts bring you...Read More»

Christopher and Eric reached out to you, the Party People, on The Dinner Party Show’s Facebook page to find out how you’re handling the holidays during this year without compare. Are you g...Read More»

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As Christopher comes out as a fan of cryptids, Eric wonders if these amateur videographers really captured some frenzied hauntings or if they’ve just got the world (and their appliances) on a st...Read More»

It’s been thirty years since the dismembered remains of William “Billy” Newton were discovered in a Hollywood dumpster, three decades in which his loved ones have gone without answer...Read More»

Christopher and Eric return to one of their favorite true crime television series, the exquisitely produced and absolutely riveting THE CASE THAT HAUNTS ME, serving up Episodes 1 and 2 of Season 3, en...Read More»

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Join Christopher and Eric on this trip back through the years to a simpler time when married male business owners chose to live with their much younger, handsome male employees in cramped apartments j...Read More»

In this new edition of WHAT’S SCIENCE?, Eric takes a conspiracy-driven trip to the moon that never quite sticks the lunar landing. Or anything else, for that matter. Meanwhile, Christopher tries...Read More»

A twenty-minute TV show with a fifteen minute opening theme song! One male strip club re-enactment played over and over and over and over (and over) again! An “adult film superstar” Christ...Read More»

HBO’s documentary series I’LL BE GONE IN THE DARK paints a powerful portrait of the obsessions that inspired and consumed Michelle McNamara. Her work was pivotal to identifying The Golden ...Read More»

A terrible storm. A gorgeous couple poised to begin an exciting new life. Enough real crime scene video to give you the creeps. And then some more crime scene video on top of that. In their dark salut...Read More»

Christopher and Eric put down their magnifying glasses and pick up their Botox needles so they can get rid of all the furrows in their brows they developed after sitting through these alleged trips in...Read More»

Christopher’s third and latest offering in his Burning Girl book series unfolds in Texas. To celebrate the release of BLOOD VICTORY, Christopher and Eric revisit the sordid mysteries of a small Texa...Read More»

Inspired by the first episode of HBO’s documentary series I’LL BE GONE IN THE DARK, Christopher and Eric channel their inner Michelle McNamara, the citizen detective who helped crack The G...Read More»

It’s some parents’ worst nightmare, and in the early 2000’s it was every cable news network’s favorite kind of story. A missing young white woman whose disappearance is shroude...Read More»

Something tells Christopher and Eric that big summer vacation you had planned for 2020 isn’t going to work out. So why not take a walk down memory lane and relive some of those summers when you ...Read More»

Christopher and Eric take you back to the very unfriendly skies of 1956 and a  murder that changed the modern conception of human evil – at 30,000 feet! Your intrepid flat screen detectives...Read More»

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Christopher and Eric continue to honor Pride Month with an installment of Christopher and Eric’s True Crime TV Club that takes us back to a time when getting thrown out of the military wasn’t ...Read More»

“Gay panic”! It’s not just when Eric finds out he can’t watch the Oscars live. It’s the offensive and ridiculous notion that implying someone might be gay is so terrible ...Read More»

It’s a real-life story that reads like one of Christopher and Eric’s novels, a tale of double lives, secret sexuality, crimes of passion and betrayal. In this installment of Christopher &a...Read More»

As they approach thirty episodes, Christopher and Eric take a deep dive on why true crime captivates us all, and which installments of Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club so far have hau...Read More»

Murder? Definitely. Paradise? Hardly. Christopher and Eric embark on a trip to the South of France in search of high crimes amongst the upper classes. Well, these criminals are definitely high on some...Read More»

This week, your hosts get personal with your personal responses to the topics of aging and age-related time travel as they tackle the question, “If you had to be one age you’ve already liv...Read More»

It happens every few episodes. Just when Christopher and Eric announce that their True Crime TV Club has served up the most disturbing crime imaginable, they somehow manage to top it, this time with t...Read More»

If you want to treat yourself to some of what Christopher calls “the ass-kicking advice” of his co-host Eric Shaw Quinn, you can always send him your questions at eric@thedinnerpartyshow.c...Read More»

When Eric first came up with the idea for Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club, he proposed Wives With Knives as a potential show he and Christopher could break down and serve up for thei...Read More»

It’s the trashy true crime sensation that’s sweeping the sheltering-at-home nation, and naturally Christopher and Eric have a growling desire to go on and on and on about it. And as always...Read More»

Is this the most disturbing installment of Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club yet?! If not, it’s pretty damn close. When Christopher and Eric serve up this episode of the Discover...Read More»

Got a question that’s keeping you up at night? Ask Eric. He pulls no punches and he takes no prisoners. He delivers the truth unvarnished, and his guidance can deliver the perspective shift you ...Read More»

A doomed, disturbing, international and highly inappropriate teenage love affair. A murder-for-hire plot that circles the globe and the dark web. An on-camera confrontation with an alleged criminal ma...Read More»

Did Christopher actually go on a beach vacation with Gianni Versace’s killer?! Is that why the FBI stormed Anne Rice’s Garden District mansion in 1999? Eric won’t stop until theyR...Read More»

Mountains of cocaine and a sex-party filled seventy room mansion in the Hamptons are just two of the spicy ingredients in this installment of Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club, a sordi...Read More»

Ep. 15 – Birthday Ache
March 7, 2020

Your hosts thought it would be a frothy and fun conversation about the fact that their birthdays are only days apart, but this special birthday episode turned into a probing and revelatory discussion ...Read More»

True Crime TV Club gets exclusive as we rummage through the closets of Brooke Astor,  the toast of Manhattan. Christopher and Eric don white gloves and guide you down the gilded corridors of New ...Read More»

Christopher’s Burning Girl novels feature a super-powered vigilante who seeks vengeance against sadistic serial killers like the ones who murdered her mother. When he pulls back the curtain on t...Read More»

Teenage angst combines with the isolation of a small Alaska town to fuel a fiery crime that tests the limits of Christopher and Eric’s threshold for darkness in this installment of “Christopher &a...Read More»

Ep. 11 – Award Yourself
February 8, 2020

It’s awards season in Hollywood, so Christopher and Eric are diving into the deep end of the glittering swimming pool as they talk more about the meaning of the season (or lack thereof) than the...Read More»

True Crime TV Club is back. This time Christopher and Eric take you on a steamy tour of 1970’s Hollywood and a torrid sex scandal that came close to consuming the Reagan White House. In the early 70...Read More»

Ep. 9 – Holiday Escape
January 26, 2020

Christopher and Eric have returned from their holiday hiatus with hearts full of lovely comments from their listeners, a.k.a “the Party People”, as well as their usual headfulls of opinions. How m...Read More»

Just in time for Christmas, it’s a tale of holiday murder. With re-enactments. A lot of them. In the latest installment of “Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club”, your h...Read More»

Fame. Drugs. Murder. Encino! They’re all on offer in the latest installment of “Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club” in which your hosts tackle a recent ABC News Specia...Read More»

It’s the Dateline episode everyone’s talking about, and Christopher and Eric have plenty to say about this astonishing story as well. Some of it they’re going to yell because this ca...Read More»

A mysterious shoe box full of cash. An abandoned car on a bridge. A turbulent river named for beasts of the sea. How does ABC’s 20/20 tie these disparate elements together as they cover the dist...Read More»

Take a trip into the shadows of the Louisiana bayous as Christopher and Eric join the hunt for one of the most prolific serial killers in history. In the second installment of Christopher & Eric...Read More»

Join Christopher and Eric as they wade through accusations of devil worship, tainted investigations and homophobia to reveal the twisted path to the truth taken by several embattled, strong-willed wom...Read More»

Christopher and Eric go all in on the topics of coming out, being yourself and letting your own personal freak flag fly. Also, they reveal the title of the first true crime documentary they’ll b...Read More»

Christopher Rice and Eric Shaw Quinn, New York Times bestselling authors and creators of “The Dinner Party Show,” return to their dining room studio on West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip to b...Read More»

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