Ep. 37 FULL SHOW – Jack Morrissey — MONO

July 29, 2013

(Complete shows are now available in a single mono file for faster downloading and easier storage. ) Special guest Jack Morrissey, host of the TEAM JACK podcast and partner to Oscar winner filmmaker Bill Condon, takes a seat at the table to discuss THE FIFTH ESTATE, Condon’s upcoming biopic of Wikileaks-creator Julian Assange. A discussion about gay men and Grindr gets real hot in all the wrong ways. The latest installment of our special series WORLD’S WORST PITCH MEETING features a dude known only as “Comic Con Guy”. Fairly imbalanced newsman Breck Artery carves out a biting exception to free speech. Inane critic-at- large Jordan Ampersand confronts his nemesis, spinning instructor and party planner Ian Featherstone. Relationship expert JoNell Samms takes on the entire Internet.

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