Ep. 60 – The Murder of William Newton Part II: Billy’s Last Weekend

January 16, 2021

In Episode 48, Christopher and Eric marked the grim anniversary of their very own “hometown murder”, the gruesome slaying of William Arnold Newton, a young gay West Hollywood man and adult film actor. Thirty years later, the crime remains unsolved. Your e-mails and feedback since their last episode have allowed Christopher and Eric to take an even deeper dive into the case, resulting in startling new developments. With the help of newly obtained official and verified sources, your hosts trace Billy’s last moments in the days leading up to his tragic death. A recent account, uncovered by this podcast, has Billy leaving the last place he was seen alive in the company of a handsome stranger who bore a striking resemblance to a man whose name chills the blood. But does it fit with the known timeline of events around Billy’s murder? Christopher and Eric are determined to find out. Anyone with tips or recollections about the William Newton case can e-mail us at williamnewtoninvestigation@gmail.com. You won’t want to miss the startling new revelations in this episode.

(This episode was recorded remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, which might explain slight variations in sound quality.)

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