MARATHON: The JoNell-a-thon: Live from Poison Creek


A special JoNell-a-thon celebrates every single disastrous episode of “Live from Poison Creek,” hosted by Ms. JoNell Samms, the dubiously qualified expert on relationships (and taxidermy) for “The Dinner Party Show,” from center court of the worst mall in America.

MARATHON: The Jordan Ampersand-storm!


This special-event marathon celebrates the havoc and mayhem wreaked by Jordan Ampersand, the adorably incompetent and inexplicably popular critic-at-large for “The Dinner Party Show,” including every outrageous episode of his own series, “The Jordan Ampersand Experience.”

Christopher’s Favorites ☞ Stinger by Robert R. McCammon



I’m not sure I would have written The Heavens Rise if I hadn’t read Stinger by Robert R. McCammon. McCammon, in my not so humble opinion, is the greatest American horror writer who’s ever lived. (Yes, he’s even better that … READ MORE

Christopher’s Favorites ☞ Kingsman: The Secret Service



Yes, its star Taron Egerton is really, really hot. And yes, he was the main reason I wanted to see Kingsman in the first place.  And yes, Samuel Jackson’s performance as the tech mogul villain is a little strange and … READ MORE

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