The Butler’s Pantry, Shea’s Take – Re-Cap of December 16th, 2012 LiveCast

December 20, 2012

Gentle Listeners,

In light of the profoundly upsetting events in Connecticut the Friday prior, Christopher and Eric started off the show on a more somber note than usual. While extolling the need for a vigorous debate on the public safety issues relating to the tragedy in Newtown, both hosts advised their listeners that that The Dinner Party Show was not equipped to cover the complex and still unfolding news story that had dominated our airwaves for three days prior, and so, in light of that fact, they assured listeners they would do their best to provide them with a humorous diversion…for at least the next two hours.

Gossip guru Ted Casablanca was the first guest. He quickly dispelled the litany of rumors surrounding his recent departure from E! Entertainment Television, including the false assertion that he was fired for inadvertently outing Oscar nominated actor, Jeremy Renner. While he praised Eric’s design choices for the studio, he bemoaned the lack of actual food service during the evening’s proceedings, a topic he would return to again…and again…and again. Graphic novel writer Marc Andreyko joined them shortly thereafter, and the conversation soon turned heated as these two highly talented and opinionated writers sparred over issues ranging from the ongoing health problems of singer George Michael to the work of GREY’S ANATOMY and SCANAL creator, Shonda Rimes. (Oh, yeah, and Christopher and Eric managed to say a few things too.)

There were plenty of special correspondents on hand too, of course. News correspondent Breck Artery filed an urgent report on the non-existent “war on Christmas”. Two brand new special correspondents paid their first visit to the dining table. Meet Brock and Bastian, West Hollywood’s most perfect gay couple! Their new series Etiquette 90069 is an excellent guide to manners for those whose houses are so modern and uncomfortable they have to check into a hotel just to find a comfortable place to sit down.

And then it was time for the show’s hosts to tease their very special Christmas and New Year’s Eve (Eve) specials, both of which will feature all new reports from The Dinner Party Show’s oh-so-special correspondents! So be sure to tune in on Sunday December 23rd and Sunday December 30th, at the usual time, 8 PM Eastern and 5 PM Pacific. Until then, this is Shea Butters, beleaguered manservant to Christopher Rice and Eric Shaw Quinn, reminding you, as always, of The Dinner Party Show’s exact time and place so that you may have suitable time to make other plans.

You can listen to the recorded PodCast of last week’s show Here


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