The Dinner Party Show – Seating begins November 11th

November 5, 2012

Gentle Listener,

Mr. Rice and Mr. Quinn have informed me that their plans for a weekly dinner party show continue apace. They presume that the show will present a toothsome table to those with discerning palates. That, of course, will ultimately depend on their execution. I wish them the best.

While I still have my reservations about the perceived sanity of Mr. Rice and Mr. Quinn, the show does have some promise. The relentless chastising of celebrities who disown all logic is quite amusing. It seems the minimum requirements for fame have been lowered to little more than possessing prominent genitals or merely a propensity for sharing them. It’s refreshing to find someone who refuses to encourage this madness. In this case we have found two someones.

If ridiculing celebrated fools is something you too find appealing, the potential to enjoy yourself may arise as you listen to each week’s LiveCast. If you’re easily offended, we will have a lovely table for you in front of the restrooms. Along with their relentless critique of society, the show will also include numerous surprise guests for your enjoyment. We are delighted to feature these cultured individuals, who have obviously taken tremendous effort to step away from their weekly Bingo night.

Should you choose to attend their dinner party show, Christopher and Eric promise that you will be amused and sated. That, of course, will be ultimately left to your discretion. Why, I myself have even cracked an indecorous smile or two while being treated to their extreme and unique perspective on the most trivial topics. We encourage that you come well dressed, and ill-adjusted.

The Dinner Party Show. Seating begins November 11th
Everyone Gets Served.
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The Dinner Party Show
The Dinner Party Show
Christopher Rice & Eric Shaw Quinn

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