Welcome to the Dinner Party Show – The Wait is Over

November 11, 2012

Gentle Listener,

Shea here. It’s so good of you to continue reading these little dispatches of mine. Knowing that I have an audience makes the task of working with Messrs Rice and Quinn a bit more bearable. Today it is my dubious honor to inform you that their online debut has finally arrived. Finally. If you have absolutely nothing better to do this evening, then I implore you to get yourself to TheDinnerPartyShow.com where you may click on their delightful little player on Sunday November 11 8 PM Eastern, 5 PM Pacific. Their hope is that you will laugh along, as they attempt to amuse themselves at the expense of the undeservedly famous and deservedly infamous. My hope is that you will throw fruits and vegetables at your own computer screen and refrain from mailing them to the studio. It’s enough of a mess here already, as I’m sure you can well imagine.

I’ve spoken a bit about our self-proclaimed stars. In an attempt to help heighten what’s left of their credibility, I’d like to mention that they are both New York Times Best Selling Authors. For those of you who have become too consumed with today’s spoon-fed entertainment to understand the gravity of that title, it means that they are published writers who have managed to sell a few books. Furthermore, if the terms writing or reading are beyond your current realm of understanding, then this show is perfect for you as you will not be required to do either for at least the duration of the LiveCast. What you do after the show is your own business.

Tonight, our two intrepid authors will venture into the unknown territory of online radio. (Here’s hoping it’s as eventful as was their first journey into motor vehicle operation. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride comes to mind.) This adventure in tomfoolery will be the Internets first live comedy variety show. Without the protection of an editor’s blue pencil, I am confident they will shatter what’s left of their questionable reputations and purported integrity. In short, it sounds like it might be a jolly and entertaining spectacle. Do join me. One so does hate to experience nightmares on their own. I would be most interested to hear your thoughts here or on our Twitter and Facebook pages after, or perhaps during, the catastrophe.

Suffice it to say, the wait is over. Dinner is served. Watch your head.

Shea Butters


The Dinner Party Show
The Dinner Party Show
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