The Butler’s Pantry, Shea’s Take – Re-Cap of the January 6th, 2013 LiveCast

January 9, 2013

Gentle Listeners,

We hope your new year is going swimmingly and the alcohol and carbohydrate fueled hangovers of the holidays have finally worn off. We also hope some of you were able to listen to our first LiveCast of 2013. If not, we’ve now broken up the podcast version into four highly digestible bite-sized pieces, in order to make for faster, easier downloading. And as always, my employers Christopher and Eric, have asked me to remind you that the best way to keep the show free is to subscribe to our free podcast on iTunes, even if you listen to the show on another format. (Our mobile Apple app is coming any day now. We promise!)

The evening began with a rousing discussion of several petitions before the White House designed to strip the infamous Westboro Baptist Church of their non-profit status and classify them as a hate group. What is hate speech? How do we define it? Christopher and Eric addressed these questions and more, along with input from listeners who posted their thoughts on The Dinner Party Show’s Facebook page during the show’s Hor d’Oeuvres section. Also during the Hor d’Oeuvres, special news correspondent Breck Artery dazzled an audience of young children with his fairy tale, “The Obstructionist Party & The Myth of the Fiscal Cliff”, and Twan, Queen of the Stars, provided an astrological round-up of all the star signs for the years ahead, a round-up that once again sounded suspiciously like an attempt to get certain friends and former lovers of to push back from the table before dessert and talk about someone besides themselves for a change.

The Dinner Party Show likes to keep its listeners in touch with the latest hot podcasts from around the internet, which is why The Soup was served alongside a special clip excerpt from Hot Talk With Justin & Jake, in which two self-obsessed gay trainers spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out if Vidal Sasoon and Gore Vidal were related. JoNell Samms, our misguided relationship expert, was back with her own special salute to mother-in-laws. And Jack Daniel’s.

Then it was time for our first live (as opposed to dead) guest of the new year, full time film freak, Jack Morrissey, partner of Oscar winning filmmaker Bill Condon, who directed the final two installments of the TWILIGHT franchise. Jack dazzled listeners with his intimate tales of spending the holidays with actor Sir Ian McKellan and his private dinner with FIFTY SHADES OF GREY author, E.L. James. At one point it did seem as if Jack might hijack the entire show, but Christopher released himself from his restraints and once again turned the conversation towards the startlingly impressive box office returns of TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D.

Next week, handsome and charming POLITICO and VARIETY editor and writer Ted Johnson takes a seat at the table to discuss the intersection of politics and Hollywood, while Eric attempts to return the conversation repeatedly towards his new iPhone 5.

Shea Butters

Manservant to alleged “stars”, Christopher Rice & Eric Shaw Quinn

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