July 8, 2013

It’s a Dinner Party Show special, live from center court at one of the worst shopping malls in the deep, deep, deep South, where your host, JoNell Samms fights off irate security guards, a water feature no one seems able to turn off, the blender at Orange Julius and critic-at-large Jordan Ampersand, whose interviews with various mall merchants threaten disaster at every turn. JoNell’s special guests include the Rev. Evangelis Graham Craquers, who answers the questions, “Where would Jesus spend his summer vacation?”, and travel expert Tanya Lee Musgrave who has a special system for talking your man out of another ill advised trip to Reno. And the show’s disastrous big finish will forever give truth to the lie, “Nothing ever happens in Poison Creek!”slideshow-live-from-poison-creek3

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