ENCORE: Live from Poison Creek – Valentine’s Day

August 18, 2014


Live from center court at the Poison Creek Mall, relationship “expert” JoNell Samms is back for another ill-advised (and potentially dangerous) broadcast! She’s joined by the mall’s wacky support staff; Lupe, the mall manager who would love to see every show end in disaster, and Jim Bob, the maintenance director who can’t take a hint. And let’s not forget her special guests! The Rev. Graham Craquers is on hand to discuss the “right” kind of love, and the archery club from the local high school has a sack full of cupid’s arrows ready to rain love down on the unwilling. Gird your hearts and watch the skies, it’s another Poison Creek Mall catastrophe.

Episode 60 originally aired Sunday February 9, 2014.  Rebroadcast Sunday, August 20, 2014.

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