Bryan Fuller

December 9, 2015


Bryan Fuller is executive producer and creator of NBC’s “Hannibal,” based on the characters from Thomas Harris’ classic novels. Fuller didn’t want to be a writer as much as he wanted to be a Star Trek writer. He got his start writing “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” followed by “Star Trek Voyager,” where he worked his way up from freelance writer to staff writer to co-producer. He charted a new path during his last year on followed by “Star Trek Voyager,” writing a spec pilot called “Dead Girl,” which became Showtime’s “Dead Like Me.”

Fuller then went on to create the critically acclaimed series “Wonderfalls” and wrote and executive produced the animated movie “The Amazing Screw-on Head” with Mike Mignola for the Sci-Fi Channel. He also served as writer and co-executive producer on the first season of NBC’s “Heroes” before leaving to create the Emmy Award-winning “Pushing Daisies.” He wrote and executive produced “Mockingbird Lane,” a reimagining of the classic sit-com “The Munsters” as a modern family dramedy, which aired on NBC in October 2012.

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