North Carolina, Still the Craziest Carolina!

May 15, 2016
special-correspondents-Breck-Artery 7Breck Artery takes you back to the future with this report from 2013 as North Carolina politics once again goes back in time to fight against legal precedent, civil rights and the federal government.North Carolina
This flash back report now seems more relevant than ever. North Carolina’s nitwit-in-chief Governor just announced he’s suing the US Justice Department to protect his personal right to monitor everyone’s bathroom use. He’s claiming the federal government is guilty of overreach, even though the feds just want him, and his state, to let everyone pee in peace. So set your watches back 100 years with North Carolina and revisit this report from The Dinner Party Show August 2013, (almost) Live with Breck Artery!
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