Ep. 20 – Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club Serves Up “Passport To Murder: South of the Border Sins”

April 11, 2020

Is this the most disturbing installment of Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club yet?! If not, it’s pretty damn close. When Christopher and Eric serve up this episode of the Discovery ID series “Passport to Murder”, the toxic brew includes a Spring Break vacation into hell and a murder so gruesome they struggle to get through its details. Was it drug fueled insanity or a  deep belief in Satan that drove the perpetrators to commit the barbaric acts visited upon handsome Texas college student Mark Kilroy during the last hours of his life? What was the true nature of the terrible evil that blossomed at an isolated Mexican ranch outside Matamoros? Christopher and Eric try to shine light into the dark corners of this terribly dark tale, finding answers where history and biased media coverage might have fallen short, and raising some serious questions of their own.

Christopher & Eric
Christopher & Eric
Christopher Rice & Eric Shaw Quinn

New York Times bestselling novelists Christopher Rice (The Burning Girl Series) and Eric Shaw Quinn (The Write Murder Mysteries) return to their studio on West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip for an all new podcast that’s all talk. Join them for their trademark blend of humor, irreverence and passionate opinion as they dish on some of the most popular true crime TV shows of the moment in their recurring, special feature “Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club”. (A production of TDPS, the same network that brought you the comedy/variety and celebrity interview filled fun of The Dinner Party Show.)

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