Ep. 45 – What’s Science? Vol. 4 featuring “What On Earth? – Island Of Alien Ooze & Who Built Supervillain Island?”

October 3, 2020

When satellites go high, TV producers go low. That’s the basic flight path for WHAT ON EARTH? the latest victim…er, subject of Christopher and Eric’s special series, “What’s Science?” Eric takes to the skies of Episode 3, Season 8, and ultimately crash lands on an “Island of Alien Ooze”. In Episode 4 of Season 2, Christopher peers down through the clouds to see “Who Built Supervillain Island?” even though the answer’s pretty obvious and he’d rather talk about that blood waterfall in Antarctica. These dubious outings inspire Eric to retitle the series in question, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING? But the real question is, will the producers employ any form of scientific method to find an answer? (Spoiler Alert: Probably not.)

(If this episode sounds different from our others, that’s because it was recorded remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope to be back in our usual studio space as soon as public health advisories allow.)

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