Ep. 134 – Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club Serves Up “Cruise Ship Killers: James”

July 2, 2022

Summer’s upon us and it’s time for Christopher and Eric to set sail on the high seas of murder. Or the more murky waters of mysterious disappearances. Now that Eric has singlehandedly “saved the Peacock”, he’s plumbing the depths of the NBC streaming platform’s true crime offerings and salvaging the most promising pieces of lost cargo. That’s how he found CRUISE SHIP KILLERS,  season 1, episode 25, entitled “James” for our 4th of July edition. Did a night of Independence Day celebration aboard a Puerto Rico-bound mega liner lead to foul play? Or does the family of a vanished passenger need to come to terms with a more tragically accidental, if no less devasating, explanation?

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