Ep. 138 – Christopher & Eric’s True Crime Special Edition Delivers “The Clown & The Candyman”

July 30, 2022

Christopher and Eric’s True Crime Special Editions bring you a multi-episode true crime documentary series in one steaming episode of their opinion-packed podcast. This Special Edition is THE CLOWN AND THE CANDYMAN, currently streaming on Discovery Plus. Is it a probing expose of the secret child abuse rings that connected depraved serial killers Dean Corll and John Wayne Gacy or a fevered batch of Q Anon level nonsense spiced with doses of nouveau Satanic Panic? One thing’s for sure. Conspiracy or not, these two gruesome serial killings gained national attention and had far reaching consequences. To the many of you who have asked us to cover the John Wayne Gacy case, we hope this satisfies you; Christopher and Eric have no intention of doling out these stomach-churning details again.

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