Ep. 139 – Why Do We Love True Crime?

August 6, 2022

In which your hosts Christopher and Eric get self-reflective about something other than their diet plans. Why do we love true crime stories? What do we gain from studying them and discussing them? We asked you for your thoughts on The Dinner Party Show’s Facebook page. Many of you went deep, some of you went dark, and that’s why you’re our Party People.

Christopher & Eric
Christopher & Eric
Christopher Rice & Eric Shaw Quinn

New York Times bestselling novelists Christopher Rice (The Burning Girl Series) and Eric Shaw Quinn (The Write Murder Mysteries) return to their studio on West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip for an all new podcast that’s all talk. Join them for their trademark blend of humor, irreverence and passionate opinion as they dish on some of the most popular true crime TV shows of the moment in their recurring, special feature “Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club”. (A production of TDPS, the same network that brought you the comedy/variety and celebrity interview filled fun of The Dinner Party Show.)

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