Ep. 183 – Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club Serves Up “World’s Most Evil Killers: David Berkowitz”

June 10, 2023

East Coast Carnage heads to the Big Apple and the Five Boroughs as Christopher & Eric’s True Crime Movie Time Summer Film Festival continues. For the first time, Christopher and Eric tackle one of the most notorious serial killer cases of all time, the Son of Sam killings, which terrified the New York area during the late 1970’s. As they serve up this episode of WORLD’S MOST EVIL KILLERS: DAVID BERKOWITZ, your hosts question the killer’s alleged insanity and his supposed adherence to Satanic beliefs. Did this case give birth to a hideous panic that would sweep the nation a few years later, warping both reason and due process in the decade to come?

Christopher & Eric
Christopher & Eric
Christopher Rice & Eric Shaw Quinn

New York Times bestselling novelists Christopher Rice (The Burning Girl Series) and Eric Shaw Quinn (The Write Murder Mysteries) return to their studio on West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip for an all new podcast that’s all talk. Join them for their trademark blend of humor, irreverence and passionate opinion as they dish on some of the most popular true crime TV shows of the moment in their recurring, special feature “Christopher & Eric’s True Crime TV Club”. (A production of TDPS, the same network that brought you the comedy/variety and celebrity interview filled fun of The Dinner Party Show.)

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