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March 4, 2023: #JusticeForBilly month begins with a stunning visit from LAPD homicide detective John Lamberti on Christopher & Eric Episode 169. After declaring the investigation at a dead end on Ep. 151 late last year, he takes us on a breathless journey inside the Oklahoma prison where the 30-year old cold case was cracked by a stunning confession, and on behalf of the LAPD, his special message for your dedicated hosts brings tears to their eyes.

February 7, 2023: Today, the Los Angeles Times broke the story that the gruesome, long-unsolved homicide of a young gay man named Billy Newton had finally been solved after several decades. In 2020, your hosts Christopher Rice and Eric Shaw Quinn began using their podcast to bring much needed attention to a deeply disturbing crime in danger of being relegated to the dustbin of history. “Let’s get other people as obsessed with the case as we are so it’s never forgotten,” they told their listeners. Follow the two years we covered this case using our Billy Newton Episode Guide.

#JusticeForBilly has finally been found.

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Billy Newton Episode Guide

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