The Butler’s Pantry, Shea’s Take — Re-Cap of November 18th, 2012 LiveCast

December 1, 2012

Gentle Listeners,

Shea Butters here, manservant to alleged “stars”, Christopher Rice and Eric Shaw Quinn, co-hosts of The Dinner Party Show, which, despite my most insidious efforts, refuses to die. Indeed, you may resurrect it again and again, via the podcast, which you can download here.

Our two hosts got off to a rousing start as they parsed current events during the Hor D’oeuvres section of the program. Eric entertained the startling notion that “crazy might actually be falling out of fashion in the Republican Party” after their Presidential defeat, and Christopher was eager – indeed, perhaps a bit too eager – to address the privacy issues surrounding the General Petraeus sex scandal. It was as usual, a brisk and caffeinated discussion, punctuated by commercials from the show’s unfortunate sponsors.

Did you know there’s a new antidepressant out there which doesn’t involve medication of any kind? If a patient is experiencing a general malaise, they are advised to simply put their hands down the front of their pants and leave the rest of us out of it. Oh, well; I guess it’s better than running ads for clean coal.

Then it was time for their first celebrity guest. Poor Gregg Hurwitz. Despite being widely considered one of the best thriller novelists at work today, as soon as he came on the air he was informed that the true purpose of his appearance on The Dinner Party Show was not to promote his latest novel, THE SURVIVOR but to detail the enormous impact Christopher and Eric have had on his life and work. He held up bravely under the inane circumstances, and throughout his visit, one remains fairly convinced that Christopher and Eric are two individuals with whom Mr. Hurwitz enjoys discussing the writing process.

Then it was time for the Dish! Celebrity news and gossip maven Trent Vanegas, proprietor of PINK IS THE NEW BLOG, joined the table and I must confess, there was much general merriment as the four men reviewed the most salacious entertainment headlines of the week. (At one point, during a discussion of Channing Tatum’s selection as People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive, Christopher advised Mr. Hurwitz, the only straight man at the table, to apply his “heterosexual protective goggles”.)

And for those of you who, like me, thought last week’s premiere episode had introduced us to all of The Dinner Party Show’s “special correspondents”, you were, I’m sorry to say, sorely, sorely mistaken. Of course, some of the old ones were back. Twan, Queen of the Stars, provided his usual punitive and inappropriately personal astrological reading. And Jordan Ampersand, Ke$ha fan and all around wastrel, provided us with the first in an ongoing series of public service announcements entitled Best Served Warm.

Thunderhead Horizon. What can I say about the Thunderhead Horizon? Every internet radio show should have its very own wheezing, drug-addled former hippie, whose once lofty ambitions for his alleged “generation of peace and love” have now congealed into a bitter stream of invective leveled at his fellow Americans. And Tanya Lee Musgrave. Ah, precious Tanya Lee, a former travel agent who despises going anywhere further than the local shopping mall in the Dallas suburb she’s called home all her life. Eric did his best to goad her into discussing her recent journey to Madrid, but it was a bit like pulling teeth from a newborn, as the woman spent her entire stay there in bed, sleeping off jet-lag and despising the Spanish for not having enough ponchos for her to buy.

What a trip, as you Americans like to say.

As for me, its back to work, getting ready for the next LiveCast, this Sunday, December 2nd, 8 PM EST/ 5 PM PST, featuring comedian Alec Mapa and internet radio show host, Tony Sweet, host of ON AIR WITH TONY SWEET.


Shea Butters

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